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Housemates… what did you get yourself into, right? I mean it seemed like such an obvious idea at the time, didn’t it? You worked together, you went out together, you ate together. Then somehow, at some point along the line, probably during the first month of you moving in together, your kitchen went from this…

To this…

How did it happen? You cleaned after yourself for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These were the same questions we kept asking ourselves all the time but day in day out no chores are done on time, money is never paid back and you forget to buy the essential washing up liquid for the dishes you were reminded to time and time again.

Introducing Cluttr. Your all in one house hold solution to make living with others the way you envisioned it to be.

The aim of this post is to share with you guys what makes Cluttr special, from the awesome features to our tenacious team. It will also include our media kit so you can really get to know the smaller more subtle features we don’t want to ignore. We thank you already for reading this far and showing interest in a project that has been 5 months in the making. Enjoy.


Co-founder @ Cluttr


Create the chore, choose who goes first.
Upcoming tasks

You can create a chore by pressing the add button in top right hand corner of the tasks tab. Name the task, set the recurrence with the start day and finally who is involved. It does not end there however. You can also set the order of rotation if the default order does not suit you. If however, you are in need of inspiration we have generously supplied you with a whole bunch of suggested chores to save you time. After this, a timed notification will take it from there and let each housemate know when it is their turn. No more awkward face to face reminders and no more risk of losing that deposit.


Introducing peer to peer payments to settle debts between housemates. Lets say you just bought John some muffins. You can quickly add this to the payments page which will subsequently send John a notification of the amount he now owes you. When John is ready to pay, he can update Cluttr and you will be given the new updated balance John now owes you. Hopefully zero. On top of this we will send you a notification whenever John has deleted or reverted the payment.

We didn’t stop at one time payments however.

Recurring Payments

Every month we have all have multiple personal payments ready to empty our bank accounts from our phone bills to Netflix and Spotify. In a house it can escalate quickly however. Electric, gas, water and WiFi bills need to be split by everyone on-time and equally. Which is why we introduced recurring payments.

When you create a recurring payment you choose who you wish to be involved. No different to normal payments. However, this time you can choose whether you wish it to be a recurring payment which will repeat on a day of your choosing. On this day, everyone involved will be sent a reminder notification to pay the designated payment coordinator. This aims to remove the burden of having to remind everyone in the house every time a payment is due.

Shared shopping list

Choose who to split item with.
To-Buy page

A customisable shopping list made with simplicity in mind. Simply press add and choose select from a multitude of items already at your disposal. Then you have the option to split the item with other housemates. This could be an item that everyone need in the house such as cleaning essentials.

Splitting supply purchase

When someone pays from this item it will be split between the initially selected individuals or those who require the item. If however there are just items from you, we have enabled public and private shopping list capabilities for you to add to your own list which no one can edit or see.

Create new group for favourite items.

Lastly, we have incorporated a new feature called favourites which allows you to create list of frequent items. This could be a recipe for your famous red velvet cake or the weekly household items that needs purchasing to maintain a clean home. On top of this you can select individuals in your house to see this group as well if they decide want have access to your famous recipes.

A list which also contains the recipe. How fun!

Inside these favourite lists, you can select individual items to add back into the main shopping list or even add to it. If the list so happens to be a recipe of some kind. You are also able to add footer notes to teach the other individuals you have allowed to see your list on how to cook the perfect scrambled eggs for example. In turn, helping out your housemates turning your home into a more productive environment.

Our aim

We do not charge a fee, we do not display annoying adverts. We do however hold the solution to the most common problems you guys face in a household. We are not selfish and listen attentively to all queries; with a record breaking response time on Facebook and email.

Our philosophy is that you moved into a house with people who were either your friends or those you trust. We know that people are sometimes forgetful and this should not be a reason to engage in house feuds. With everything going on in your lives, Cluttr aims to do all the heavy lifting so there is one less burden in your life to worry about.

From polite notifications for reminding those who have no completed chores on time to grouping favourite shopping list items, we hope you see the benefits we offer and consider using it in your home today.

Let us know how you found your experience on Cluttr whether it was positive or negative we would like the know.

Our team

Smiling all around.

Left to right: Tundé Alao, Boetang Yeboah, Landon Vago-Hughes

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