Awesome Liquor Bottle Hookahs

Last month I saw a pic of some awesome looking hookahs made out of liquor bottles. Started checking them out and they looked pretty simple to knock out with parts from Home Depot. I actually had a bunch of stuff from left over test parts on the Bar machine so worked out.

Instead of a normal hookah hose, they’re the mini shot version of the bottle with a clear tubing hose covered in velvet.

This is an X-Rated 750ml. At first had a normal hookah hose since was having a hard time finding the mini’s for the mouth piece but finally got it.


Crystal Head 750ml

2012-04-19 11.33.47.jpg

Casadorez 750ml

2012-03-31 15.18.59-1.jpg

Check out my hookah gallery for pics during the making of them. Next I have a big 1.75ml Patron bottle that I’m going to do 2 hoses on. I’ll write up a build post for that one probably this week sometime. Here is the bottle that’s finally empty.

2012-04-19 15.31.09.jpg
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