How-To: Making a 2-Hose Patron Hookah

This is my DIY How-To guide on making your own hookah out of a Patron liquor bottle. Most of the parts/tools except for the hookah bowl and tray can be picked up at a local hardware store like HomeDepot.

Estimated Build Time: 2 Hours

Parts List:

  • 1 — Empty 1.75 L Patron bottle (This will be hard ;) )
  • 2 — Empty mini Patron 50 ml shots
  • 1 — Lime green hookah bowl
  • 1 — Hookah tray
  • 1 yard — Lime green crushed velvet
  • 1 — #10 Tapered cork stopper
  • 2 — Brass hose barb 1/4" ID x 1/8" MIP
  • 2 — Brass hose barb 1/4" ID x 1/4" MIP (*This actually can be replaced with 2 more of the above brass hose barb)
  • 1 ft — 3/8" OD copper coil (Used for refrigerator)
  • 10 ft — Clear vinyl tubing 3/8" x 1/4"
  • Gorilla glue epoxy

* I used 2 different sized brass hose barbs. After doing a few hookahs I realized it doesn’t really matter. Its easier to use the same part across a project, plus you won’t need 2 different size drill bits. So use the smaller barbs like the ones used in the mouthpieces for the larger patron bottle.

Tool List:

  • 3/8" Diamond glass drill bit
  • 3/8" Regular drill bit
  • 1/2" Diamond glass drill bit (*Not needed if you use one size brass hose barb)
  • Drill
  • Copper tubing cutters
  • Block of wood
  • Sewing machine (and patience…)
  • Sharpie
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

Some of the parts ready to go!

Getting Started

Once you have all the parts and tools ready then we can get started making the hookah.

Drilling MouthPieces

Lets get started by making the mouthpieces. Grab the 50 ml mini Patron shots and wet drilling a whole with the 3/8" diamond drill bit directly on the center of the bottom of the mini bottle. Remember to keep it wet by pouring water where your drilling and go slow. You can get shards of glass or crack it if you go to fast or tilting the bit. After your done, rinse out all the glass powder or it will be hard to get off inside when dry.

Drilling Hookah Base (Big Patron Bottle)

Grab your Patron bottle and pick where you want to attach the hoses. Remember to do it not directly on the sides since you will be adding water to use the hookah so its better do it somewhat higher. I did mine above the starting of the curve of the bottom, you can see in the pics.
Start by marking with a sharpie on both sides of the bottle. Make sure to line them up so it’s not lopsided. Use the 1/2" or 3/8" Diamond drill bit and drill the 2 holes. Again remember to keep wet and go slow. Rinse the bottle after your done.

Gluing Barbs onto Glass

Now we need to glue all 4 brass hose barbs onto the glass. This makes a way to actually connect the hose to the mouthpiece and the base. Start by getting the Gorilla Epoxy and mixing some of it together. You only need a small amount so don’t squeeze out the whole tube.
For the mouthpieces I just flipped them upside down on the table. Apply some glue to the threaded part of the brass hose barb then drop them into the hole of the mouthpiece. I like to spin them a few turns just so the glue spread around the hole. Move those aside and don’t touch them for at least 4 hours so they can harden.
The base is a similar but you need to tape the barbs in place or they will tilt or move out of the hole. Same as above, apply the epoxy around the threaded part of the brass hose barb and slip them into the holes. Now grab some tape and temporarily tape them into position so they don’t move around while hardening. Move this away for at least 4 hours.
I asked the Gorilla Glue people about it being toxic and they said its non-toxic after it has dried/hardened. Just a FYI since I found that out.

Making the Stem

Start by getting the Patron cork for the bottle. Use a normal 3/8" drill bit to drill a hole directly through the center. This will be for the copper tubing. Now grab the #10 Cork and do the same.

Grab the spool of 3/8" copper tubing. We need to guess the length of how much to cut so insert the end into the patron bottle and see the length you need. Remember add the height of the Patron cork and the #10 cork since the tubing will have to run to the top of those when the cork is on the bottle. Mine ended up being 9.5" long. Its better to have extra then redo it all if it’s too short. Grab your copper tube cutter and cut the tubing then try to straighten it out if it was in a coil.

Putting Most of it Together

Were getting close to finishing. At this point we should have about everything complete except for the hose tubing/cover. Lets get it together.

  1. Grab the cut to size copper tubing and slip the Patron cork on.
  1. Slip the hookah tray on top of that.
  1. Slip the #10 cork with the smaller side to the top.
  1. Insert this stem into the Patron bottle, you may have to slide everything up or down to get it all lined up. The copper tubing should have decent gap between the bottom of the bottle and the top of the copper tube should be about flush with the #10 cork. Cut down the copper tube if it’s too long or redo if it’s too short.
  1. Grab the lime green hookah bowl and push that on top of the cork.
  1. Double check everything and make sure the stem fits firmly together and the bowl is not too loose at the top.

Your almost done. Now comes the worst part..

Sewing Velvet and Making the Hose

This is always the part that takes forever. If you never really sew but you have access to a sewing machine make sure to YouTube how to do it or spend forever with tons of string everywhere. I never tried by hand but that seems bad too. Try and find someone to do this part for you!

I couldn’t find the lime green velvet at the local crafts store so I ordered mine off eBay. Its pretty cheap. You have to buy per yard and only need a long strip so you’ll have plenty of extra left over.

Unroll the fabric. Now get the ruler and mark 3 inches across the whole yard. The strip will be 3 inches x 1 yard (3 feet). At that size it fits nicely with a little slack. Some people suggested to maybe be a little thicker like 4 inches and longer so that the hose has a more baggy look. Which ever size you want, start cutting your strip.

Now that you have your strip, your ready to get sewing. I don’t know what all the dials and buttons do on the sewing machine so I picked one that looked like a straight line and a bunch of dots… Start by folding the strip in half with the velvet part on the inside, basically to sew it inside out which would hide the seam. Stick it in the sewing machine and go along the whole strip.

Now another hard part. The strip is inside out so you have to turn it inside out and its a little hard since its like inch by inch. Once you do that your hose is about ready to go.

Grab your clear vinyl tubing and cut 2 x 5 ft pieces You can make them longer, I like 5 ft since its half of the 10 ft package I picked up. Slip this through the velvet strip.

Make sure you’ve waited at least 4 hours. I would recommend just letting it harden over night just in case. Now attach one end of the hose to the barb of the Patron bottle and the other side to the barb of the mouthpieces.

Your Done!

You finished your 2-hose Patron Hookah!!! Go try it out.

Thanks for checking out my How-To. If you make your own or some variation please share them, always cool to see other people’s work. Also check out my previous posts to see other bottles I’ve tried out.

Don’t lose those corks for the mouthpieces! Another mod would be to add a relief valve so that you can clear the hookah because if you tried just right now, it would shoot water up the copper tubing and into the bowl. The relief valve can just be another brass barb into the base with a cap and you just uncap to clear the hookah.