Why You Should Avoid 123-Reg At All Costs

Nowadays, if you aren’t opting for a cloud-hosted CMS or website builder, there are a few key names that (should) jump out to you when it comes to website hosting.


Bluehost, Inmotion and Godaddy are some names that spring to mind, among many other capable companies. 123-Reg.co.uk? Not so much.

And yet, I’ve come across more than one web design client that in my time who, to my frustration, relies on 123-Reg for their website hosting needs.

In my personal experience with the company, I’ve been left frustrated. And I recently realised that I am far from alone in that respect.

Who are 123-Reg?

123-Reg is a web hosting company based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2000, it’s technically the largest domain provider in the UK. Which is some feat.

But sometimes, the numbers tell a misleading story. Because on top of a relatively dated user dashboard, 123-Reg has a few issues.

Here’s three reasons to steer clear.

Reason #1: The Horror Stories

Most website hosting companies have their fair share of disgruntled ex-customers ranting about their services, but 123-Reg’s share is beyond what one might call fair.

Some of the stories online are enough to make you run for the hills. I can’t testify that the following claims are true, but what I do know, is that they’re common:

  1. How 123-Reg Nearly Crippled My Business
  2. [Stay] as far away from 123-Reg as possible!
  3. 123-Reg lost my domain
  4. 123-Reg stole my money

Now those are some grisly tales, to say the least.

Reason #2: Iffy Marketing Packages

If you’ve had a look through 123-Reg’s website and dediced that it’s geared towards those who aren’t so tech-savvy, you would be correct. And their marketing packages give it away big time.

They have something called, “Instant Traffic” which is supposed to bring your website traffic from Google, simply by 123-Reg submitting your site to the search engine. Anybody who knows anything about SEO knows this is utter garbage.

It’s worth noting that, upon investigation, there doesn’t seem to be a way to sign up to InstantTraffic anymore, but it is still present in customer’s dashboards

Reason #3: Poor Customer Service

123-Reg boasts a notoriously poor customer service.

Firstly, they have a phone line for sales, but not for support. Live chat is available, but only during UK working hours.

That lack of 24/7 support is a huge issue, and one which I discuss in my article, “Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Friend’s Website Hosting Company”.

Imagine your website goes down at 9pm London-time. You’d have a 12-hour wait before you can actually chat to your website host. That’s a long time to wait if your website is anywhere near successful.

Avoid, Or Jump Ship

Quite frankly, you can pay the same money (or even less in some cases) for a web host that doesn’t have an awful reputation, doesn’t promote bogus SEO schemes, and has a decent level of round-the-clock customer service.

Based on all of the above, I’d strongly recommend that you avoid 123-Reg for hosting your website. Try either one of Bluehost, Inmotion or Godaddy instead, all of which have far better track records.

And if you’re already using 123-Reg, I’d think about moving to one of those names above, even if its only for the 24-hour support — which is an industry standard when it comes to web hosting.

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