Normality … it’s not real.

If you really think about it, some words should not have a meaning put aside of them. For example, in college, a few semesters back, I took an anthropology class. There, I learned that race is nothing, but a social opinion. If you really think about it, who came up with race? Why is it relevant? Who gets to decide whether this or that is the new trend? Let me explain through means of the term “normality”.

Google defines “normal” as “conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected…” Every time I hear or see a definition like that, I always ask the same questions: Who said that? Why is Google the prime source? WHO TOLD GOOGLE?! Is there some sort of centennial conference where people decide the meaning of words? Since we still have no straight answer, we come to the same question: what is normal?

Let me put it this way (prepare yourself for some mind-blowing… ness): My normal could be someone else’s abnormal. Someone else’s normal could be my abnormal. What I like to do could be deemed as abnormal, by cultural standard, but normal for someone else’s cultural standard. Did you catch the problem with all of those statements? They’re all based on opinion!

With that being said, things like normal, being cool, smart, or pretty, topics like race and religion, etc… all of those topics have to do with opinion, and little to no fact. In conclusion, none of them matter! The only person that can classify you, tell you who you are, and deem your ways… is you. You are you, and don’t let anyone change that. Live your unique life.

u·nique: adj. “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else”


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