Aim For Perseverance Not Perfection

Gordon Fong
Co-hosted by Datacenta
3 min readFeb 23, 2023


Being present and being able to keep going, starts to open up different media to experiment with.

I recently produced a video that introduced what I do and the response has been significant.

Gordon Fong with Justin Cohen after the video shoot

Let me share how you can do it.

The reason behind the video is that I am always being asked what I do, which can be a little hard to explain as I am involved in several companies with different brands that work in many sectors and locations.

I also thought it would be a piece of content that I can direct people to over time. Using the video would help add context to the job titles and bring in some of my personality too.

If this is something you would like to do, where you don’t have a production budget but an enthusiasm to experiment. Here is how it works.

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A friend becomes your camera crew

I found it helpful to have someone hold the camera to record rather than using a tripod. That person can make you feel more relaxed especially if you are chatting and joking, as well as discussing the recording. Having the camera move slightly gives it a more documentary feel and can make more of the surroundings.

Look at the camera as a face, not tech

Talk to the camera as if you are explaining things to a friend. If you have a friend or colleague hold the camera, you can become less self-aware.

You’ll never be perfect, that’s ok

Don’t strive for perfection, it will just get in the way and you won’t attain it. Be you and just keep the recording going as you try again, and again. Even mistakes can make funny outtakes to share.

Context and relevance win

Use the video to show context, how you start the day maybe, your journey to work even if it is grabbing a coffee from the kitchen to the study, your office, the software and tools that you use, show some physical products, tell people why you are doing what you do — these are all potential ideas beyond just sharing your name and job title.

Create and move

When I did my video, it took less than four hours to record and that included an hour traveling to three different locations in Dorset. I sat on the couch the next day and did the editing within 30 minutes.

Don’t become indulgent

The most important thing I said to myself when editing was, don’t overthink it. The viewer will never know what didn’t make it into the final cut anyway.

The video should be there as a conversation starter, not some kind of post-project debrief.

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I am no creative professional, but I was really happy with the video I produced. It felt easy, it conveyed my personality, showed how long I’ve been a business owner, shared the work and ideas from the team, our business locations and the reasons why I get involved on a wider level beyond my job titles.

When someone meets me after seeing the video, I know they will feel they are meeting the same person, rather than some slick scripted screen star. Try saying that fast.

Everything is just small steps in getting better and fits into the ongoing content marketing and personal branding Venn diagram.

It all helps build confidence and to move on, I’ll progress when there are new job opportunities within the company. You will see something very different from me.

It’s important to produce work that shows who we are. We have to find ways to progress our ideas and thoughts. You can move onto different media channels when you find a rhythm. For me, it was moving from writing to video. The most important step is to start.



Gordon Fong
Co-hosted by Datacenta

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