Tenacious Patience

Gordon Fong
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3 min readMay 8, 2024


Waiting for Gordo…

Goals help us, but to work, we need to be patient. That way, the breaks are more likely.

The bluster and lofty goals we saw from others at the start of the the year, may have settled down to something more realistic.

Let me share some of my goals that have always been set at a realistic but continuous presence.

One of my goals this year is to read more, both for self-improvement, but also as an outreach approach.

My world is under continual change, especially with the sectors and technology my business brands are involved in now. To keep up, one way is to read more about industries. Annual reports play a significant role.

To help me digest and also to add value, I have begun to provide my own summary of the report for others. Hopefully, it can signpost post those that it would be relevant for.

Furthermore, using the social elements of the platforms, I will tag and acknowledge the organisations, the authors and contributors. If appropriate, I will also reach out to them and invite them to the Innovation Park to see first-hand the activities and opportunities that exist and what it means to the wider context of local businesses.

I was pleasantly surprised that my first two posts using this strategy of summarising annual reports worked. It’s also down to not having anything to sell but being a larger education piece and engagement for the sector.

Waiting for you…

Aside from reading reports I have a pile of books on innovation and community to get through, to overcome my “tsundoku” — the Japanese word for acquiring books but letting them pile up without reading them.

The books will help me link better with the collaboration nerve centre that is being created at the Innovation Park, and the activities that go to form a thriving community around innovation to meet the needs of UK safety.

It must be my lucky year as the first book I picked up to read, the author Dave Birss, was booked to be part of an event on AI at Bournemouth University hosted by Matt Desmier. Obligatory selfie with the author. I even shared a short video of his answer to a question I posed.

I am so much more comfortable with the targets and goals I set myself. They aren’t over burdensome and can be reframed so that you are always achieving, rather than missing deadlines and set-in-stone targets. Have a little patience with yourself. People have seen a change in me over time, but it has been little by little, but getting better all the time.

I’ve applied whatever I did within the community where I live to what I do in work, and now everything becomes a desire to lift and support the places where I participate.

Just having ambitious goals isn’t enough. Empathy, learning, a loop of skill refinement, fresh perspective and consistently serving others, often characterises the journeys of those who progress.

Effort over a strict timeline will always win.



Gordon Fong
Co-hosted by Datacenta

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