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If you regularly attend industry events, chances are that you’ve run into Jonathan Keim. In his current role as Communication Director for CryptoCurrencyWire, Jonathan has overseen the growth of 37 brands in what has become the industry’s largest syndication group. He also leads a staff that oversees 50 “core” clients, many of which are publicly traded.

Jonathan’s work illustrates that you can have a storied career without attending college, a decision he made because he was already bringing in what college-degree earners were making (while he was still in high school).

Question: Why should people attend Coinvention 2019?

Keim: Coinvention is the place to go to find innovators, enthusiasts and business professionals who are truly excited about blockchain technology. Last year when the crypto markets were falling apart, both the attendees and sponsors showed incredible levels of enthusiasm. We’re thrilled that this year’s conference will be livestreamed so anyone in the world with an internet connection can be part of the experience with a front-row seat as various innovations and topics are discussed in real-time.

Question: What does CryptoCurrencyWire offer to blockchain and cryptocurrency that is totally distinct?

Keim: There are many outlets in the crypto space that enable companies and innovators to connect with investors and enthusiasts who are already excited about the prospects of blockchain technology. However, our approach brings in a much wider financial audience by leveraging the reach of the InvestorBrandNetwork.

In addition to distributing news and information directly to a wide array of investors via 35+ distinct “in-house” brands, we also disseminate content to 5,000+ downstream partners such as MarketWatch, Dow Jones, USA Today, StreetInsider and International Business Times.

In other words, when a client decides to work with us, they benefit from reaching a core audience of crypto enthusiasts as well as the overall financial community, traditional media outlets, consumers and the general public. We’re also able to place our content within the newsfeeds of virtually any publicly traded company, which allows for targeting specific investor demographics that aren’t already following our brands.

We see ourselves as one of the necessary bridges to enable mass adoption of blockchain technology by combining our team’s core competency of blockchain technology with a family of brands that have a 12+ year track record serving 450+ companies.

Question: Where do you think blockchain is headed in the next 5 years that’s distinc from where it is today?

Keim: Blockchain has been featured in many different startup projects as game-changing technology that will completely disrupt various industries. However, this isn’t the case in many applications since the advantages of blockchain implementation often can’t outweigh shortcomings and technical barriers. Unfortunately, many projects are marketed based on what sounds good rather than what could result in compelling and truly practical benefits to the end user.

As time goes on, we’ll see an overall growth in awareness of how blockchain is truly useful in our day-to-day lives and business operations. This will go on to establish an unparalleled level of trust. After this trust is well-recognized among the masses, people and businesses will instinctively demand the trustless setups that only blockchain technology can deliver. We can’t begin to imagine what this will do to supply chain management, identity verification, titling of property, banking, capital markets, governance, and the way business is conducted among virtual strangers.


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