Crypto Q&A: Interview with
Vladislav Ginzburg, Chief Development Officer at BlockParty

Sep 10 · 3 min read

Vladislav Ginzburg is the Chief Development Officer at BlockParty, which is the first organization to put event tickets onto a smart contract. Blockparty has partnerships with events all over the world, including yours truly here in Philadelphia.🥳 Blockparty is not your average ticket, but rather it is a cleverly designed dApp that is actually an Ethereum wallet.

Read about Vladislav’s greatest event memories

Question: What is missing from blockchain conferences and events that Block Party provides? How does Block Party distinguish itself?

Ginzburg: Blockchain conferences and meetups should be hubs of education, information and demonstration for the state of the industry. Unfortunately, most are failing this mission by only offering paid expo space and speaking opportunities, while using legacy event technology when viable blockchain-based alternatives are available. Conferences like Coinvention 2019 are leading the pack by not only providing a space to learn about the industry but using technologies to allow the attendees to actually interact with it.

Blockparty provides ticketing and registration services for blockchain conferences. Each event ticket is an ERC-721 smart contract in the user’s phone, with their digital ID securely tied to that ticket. Blockparty sets itself apart by presenting a dApp that is an Ethereum wallet masquerading as a user friendly and intuitive ticketing app. Blockchain savvy and non-savvy users alike will be using the technology to access Coinvention, and in turn, Coinvention will have unprecedented ability to control their own ticketing and reward their attendees on an individual level for attending and sharing the event with their networks.

Question: What is your coolest event memory? How long have you been in the event game?

Ginzburg: Without a doubt our coolest event memory is from Best Life Music Festival in Miami, FL. An R&B festival with 5,000 attendees, it was the first ever music festival ticketed entirely via smart contracts on blockchain. I’m not sure what was the cooler memory, watching gates open and thousands of people scanning in using our platform, or standing on stage along with our team during the headliner performance, looking out at a sea of people who were just there to enjoy the experience and the music, unaware that this has been such a first, or that they were using a blockchain based technology that day. I think that’s what mass adoption looks like, personally.

Blockparty has been around for two years. Shiv Madan, co-founder and CEO, has been involved in events for decades.

Question: Where do you think blockchain is headed in the next 5 years that’s distinctly different from where it is today?

Ginzburg: I think that five years is an eternity in the Blockchain space. The consumer usability of dApps to date, has not matched the hype around blockchain applications, but there’s an expiration date on that status quo that in my opinion falls right around that 5 year time horizon. In the meantime, enterprise applications are making great headway. As far as distributed, digital money is concerned, I think 5 years from now cryptocurrency will be a household term. How it’s used in day to day life and payments is anyone’s guess, however. I’ll throw down a prediction though — cross border payments will be fully blockchain based in 5 years.

Question: How would you like Block Party to be referred to in a byline?

Ginzburg: Blockparty is the leading blockchain platform for live event ticketing, fan engagement and tokenized gamification. Blockparty leverages digital identity, blockchain and smart contract technology to bring transparency, security and fairness to the ticketing process for event creators and attendees.

We provide these tools to event organizers and fans in an easy, user friendly experience, from the creation of an event, through the users experience after they come into the gate.

Purchase tickets via the BlockParty app right here:


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