Philadelphia Entrepreneur Uses Billboard to Call Out Craig Wright

Sep 13 · 2 min read

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 09, 2019 — (via BountyBase) — The organizer behind Philadelphia’s biggest blockchain conference is using a city billboard in one of the most highly-trafficked areas to call out Craig Wright as a fraud.

Coinvention founder Alex Skags wants Philadelphia’s blockchain community to know the truth behind Craig Wright. Wright is known for desperately trying to prove his identity as the “real” creator behind Bitcoin. However, no one else seems to be buying Wright’s story.

Over the last year, Wright has been caught in a reputation war and has made several court appearances in an effort to validate himself as Bitcoin’s founder. The actual identity of Bitcoin’s true founder has been anonymous since Bitcoin was created. There have been several (unsuccessful attempts) by random people trying to claim they are Bitcoin’s founder. Yet, Wright’s attempts have garnered the most attention.

Skags feels as though the cryptocurrency and blockchain community deserves better and that if Wright was the actual creator, he would have offered more technical proof. Instead, the only thing Wright is gaining is attention.

“He could provide more technical proof- adding something on Satoshi’s Bitcoin Talk Forum account, sending money from one of Satoshi’s wallets, etc,” Skags said. “Yet he still hasn’t done anything close to that to prove his identity. All that he’s doing is getting attention, which is probably his goal. For the rest of us, attention is different than validation.”

A limited number of tickets to the event are still available.

About Coinvention:

Coinvention is Philadelphia’s premier blockchain event located at the Loews Hotel on September 21th as part of Philadelphia Blockchain Week. Conference attendees include Augur co-founder Jeremy Gardner, Splinterland’s creator Matt Rosen, as well as Nick Spanos (from Netflix Documentary Banking on Bitcoin), John Kim (Litecoin Foundation), and influencer Kenn Bosak.

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