If Scale Isn’t The Goal, Then What Is?
Bryce Roberts

Thanks for this, I’ve been following Balsamic‘s approach for a while now and glad it is still working for them!

My plan is to grow a network of mutually supportive but moderately sized co-ops rather than one large one. The analogy of the human body is appropriate: you don’t scale by growing a single cell but rather organize more of them in ways that make the whole more stable, adaptable, sustainable and capable. Mutuality and reciprocity (along with others such as transparency, fairness, etc) are as much of a goal as is profit.

In addition, cooperation between co-ops (cooperative principle #6) will allow deeper and better integration between the products built by each co-op, a very real advantage over competitive firms that tend to build defensive moats around their products or customer lock-in.

Thanks again!