Daily Minute of Patriotism at 7:04 PM

Coach Tony
Jan 31, 2017 · Unlisted

Every day at 7:04 pm ET, the Coach.me home page is going black to observe a Daily Minute of Patriotism.

7:04 references the American Declaration of Independence signed on July 4. Here are the hashtags: #PatriotMinute #🕖🇺🇸

The Coach.me Home Page at 7:04pm ET today and every day.

As a person, I’m deeply political based on the idea that politics is one of the primary ways that I can make a positive impact on the world.

But Coach.me spans a community of millions and supports the businesses of thousands of coaches. So the official company politics are much more narrow:

  1. Support a business environment that allows the coaching industry to grow.
  2. Support equal access to self-improvement as characterized by the Mitch Kapor line, “Talent is evenly distributed by zip code. Opportunity is not.”

Many of you will agree easily that the current US presidential team is an imminent danger to both of Coach.me’s political goals.

First, innovative businesses like ours rely on the rule of law. The current president is running from scandals on tax fraud in his charitable organization and foreign bribes delivered through his business network. Without laws, business winners are chosen through favoritism. That is already evident in political appointees and decisions.

Second, the current administration is anti-science and anti-competence, promoting know-nothings into positions of immense power. That’s bad enough on its own. But more importantly, the administration is filled with overt racists. That is expressly against the mission of this company to provide opportunity for personal augmentation to everyone.

For the vast majority of people, political views are a generous, kind-hearted view on how the world can be better for everyone. If you are coming from this generous view of politics but have different views than me, I will still consider you an ally.

In any case, please take your own Minute of Patriotism to share your own views with the world.

In service,

Tony Stubblebine, Founder and Chief Coach at Coach.me.

If anyone else wants to follow a Patriot Minute, please leave a response so that I can see it. The code I used is below. All I did was plop it into my main Rails layout with a simple conditional:

<% if (controller_name == “home”) && (action_name == “index”) && (t = Time.now.utc) && (t.hour == 0) && (t.minute == 4) %>

And here’s the raw source code to the Patriot Minute screen.

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