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Introducing Heavy Mental

A coaching group to train your brain the way an athlete trains their body.

How Elites Train Their Minds

Benefits of Mental Training

  • Rewire your brain. Two things help. Meditation (which is an exercise) and focus (which is both an exercise and also a set of habits around preventing interruption).
  • Increase intentionality and rationality. We mostly make emotional decisions — but we can step back and plot to pre-decide, rewire emotions, lay the foundation for automatic decisions.
  • Brain health. Get some sleep, folks. You want to be at your best. Weak minds focus on quantity. Strong minds focus on quality and intensity.

Who Is This Group For?

“I asked Tony to help me focus for eight hours of writing. Instead he showed me how to do the same work in just two hours.”

“I want to only work thirty hours a week but get paid for sixty.”

“Kept me focused on what is most important. No one knows more about habits and coaching than Tony does.”

“I’ve reconfigured everything. My morning and evening routines. I even used the techniques to overhaul my diet and exercise. Thanks, Tony! ”

Here is the Curriculum

  1. Single tasking as a way of life.
  2. Meditation for awareness and control of subconscious decisions.
  3. Journaling for strategic analysis and rewiring of mental patterns.
  4. Sleep for full recovery and peak daily performance.
  5. Evening routines to set the fate for your next day.
  6. Morning routines to launch your day right.
  7. Codex (your personal book of wisdom) for high-leverage guiding principles.
  8. Setting and following priorities for maximizing daily impact.
  • Jan 1: ONE BIG CHANGE. Most people make small New Years Resolutions and then fail. You’re going to make a giant one and succeed.
  • June: Habit deletion. Pretty much the hardest challenge — you eliminate something that’s holding you back.

How does it work

  • Every four weeks we do a new module. There are 13 modules each year.
  • Each week of the module has a different focus and starts with a letter from me (think researched blog post combined with a pep talk)
  • Each week day you get a new exercise.
  • Each Tuesday, I hold office hours over video to answer your questions.
  • At the end of each module, you will be rock-solid on a set of new habits that have a direct impact on your life — things you never thought you could do for real.
  • For the BIG CHANGE module, I also schedule a one-on-one strategy session with you.

How Much Does It Cost?



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