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Why Meeting Mastery?

Tony Stubblebine App
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3 min readMay 18, 2016


Yesterday, launched a new coaching product for business leaders called Meeting Mastery. It’s a great curriculum paired with one of our top coaches. At the end you get a certificate.

Here are a few thoughts on this.

The product hypothesis for this is about a 100x improvement in educational quality. If you are at all good at measurement then you’ll get right now that people don’t measure education well. The most common “metrics” are participation and satisfaction.

The correct way to measure education is did you use anything you learned and then did that lead to better outcomes.

When you measure education correctly, it’s pretty obvious that the pinnacle has to be on-the-job training delivered through mentorship. That guarantees that everything you learn is used.

Companies like HackHands and Thinkful get close to this for programmers. We want to do it for business training: curriculum + coach + on-the-job exercises.

Meeting Mastery is our template for this training— there were a couple of reasons we started here.

First off — meeting facilitation is an amazing super power.

Managers ask me how to motivate their teams. Answer: involve them in the decision making process so they are bought in.

Managers ask how to get more initiative from their team. Answer: teach them a mechanical problem solving process. A proper brainstorm has a facilitation for generating ideas and then picking a direction based on those ideas.

There’s more to mastery.

Sharp meetings save time. And they save morale.

Regular retrospection creates a culture of improvement. Etc.

Since most business leaders don’t get any training whatsoever, we thought Meeting Mastery could be a fundamental skill that you could carry with you forever.

A couple thoughts on certificates. Udemy calls them Nanodegrees. I like that name but they trademarked it. A lot of other people are calling them MicroDegrees. I’m mixed on that name.

LinkedIn just calls them Certificates. So that’s what we’re going with.

It’s been a long time since I applied for a job, so this certificate program is a reminder about how competitive it is to prove you’re qualified.

So, as we looked at the effectiveness of our training versus every other training I wanted to be able to put our name behind the work that every person in the program does. If you complete this course you are more qualified for leadership than 99% of the managers in the world. That’s what our certificate stands for.

To wrap this up: