These are typical sounds especially in a household with more than one child.

Sibling rivalries, they say, are a normal part of growing up.

The older siblings love picking on the younger ones, while the younger ones try to fight back — often a futile attempt for me.

These fights often die down as the years go by and as the ages (and wisdom?!?) pile up.

For some lucky ones, these sibling rivalries turn into a close-knit bond.

I am one of these lucky ones.

Allow me to be a bit sappy again today as it is my brother’s birthday.

In our case, those sounds (usually) always came from me. He loved picking on me, and I loved snitching on him. He would beat me up on the basketball court, once gave me a pounding while boxing and just loved bugging me.

He was my personal bully back in the days. In fact, he would not allow anyone else to bully me but him. Yes! You could say that apart from being my personally bully, he was also my personal bodyguard.

Today, the bullying still happens once in awhile but, the guarding and looking out for me happens a lot more often.

He is a mentor who I look up to and respect.

For those who are not as lucky as I am, it is NEVER too late. Don’t let EGO, JEALOUSY and/or GREED get in the way.

Sibling rivalries may be normal in the growing years, but LOVE and RESPECT should be the norm in the grown-up years.

Originally published at Coach Rye.

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