“Locker Room Talk” — An Apology for Donald Trump

Locker Room Talk: The Apology | Creator: Kimati A. Ramsey

This past Friday the presidential election “reality show” took another unprecedented turn. A video from 2005 was released of Republication Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump engaging in a lewd conversation about women with Billy Bush, then “Access Hollywood” reporter. Trump goes on in the video to speak about his power of influence, money as well as his sexual desires related to women.

Last night during the second presidential debate, Mr. Trump defended himself and referred to his remarks as “Locker Room Talk.”

Lets be clear…Donald Trump is not the only man to ever utter such dehumanizing and destructive comments about women. We can associate any label to these conversations, however, the reality is that they are transpiring amongst our boys and men.

Our society has become too immune and comfortable with this type of rhetoric and behavior — in the process constructing schisms where women are viewed as objects. Quite frankly, these talks in the confines of other males becomes a boosting of our fragile egos enabling us to keep score, creating scenarios and actionable timetables of how long it will take to ultimately conquer our prey.

While Mr. Trump asserted his comments were “just words” — words have immense power especially when they are given attention over generations and passed down through boys as they discover and define their manhood. So these “just words” manifest into actions, that ultimately produce a society of misogyny and sexual assaults.

I never expected Mr. Trump to provide an authentic and genuine apology for his 2005 remarks to girls and women on Friday evening. As the late great Maya Angelou asserted “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

But Mr. Trump, like many other men’s lack of accountability, consistently being in denial and defensive about their view on women is what is truly detrimental; keeping us stagnated from transformative progress.

So to begin the healing process and to start the imperative and meaningful dialogue necessary for change, I want to personally apologize to every young girl and woman navigating this journey called life…

  1. I apologize that our judicial system feels an appropriate sentence for rape is six months and releases a violator after three months for “good behavior.”
  2. I apologize that we have created a culture that tells you in order to feel happy, whole, validated and complete, you need a man in your life.
  3. I apologize that when you utter “No” our egos do not hear “No” and we continue with the act.
  4. I apologize that we are not consistently empowering you to achieve all of your personal and professional aspirations.
  5. I apologize that we see what you wear as consent.
  6. I apologize that we do not treat you with the level of dignity and integrity you deserve.
  7. I apologize that as you step onto a college campus to be educated, 1 in 5 of you will likely be sexually assaulted.
  8. I apologize that we witness you tear down other women instead of advocating empowerment, mobilization and upliftment.
  9. I apologize that we demean, dehumanize and objectify your mind, body, soul and spirit.
  10. I apologize that there is a leadership gap in our institutions and you are not provided the same access and opportunities for growth and development.
  11. I apologize that we have sold you a Photoshopped narrative of beauty. Indoctrinating you with ideas and products to enhance areas where you think you are insufficient.
  12. I apologize that we are manipulative with our words and actions in order to get you in bed.
  13. I apologize that we quickly praise your body but do not take the time to celebrate your mind and spirit.
  14. I apologize that our own egos, fears, insecurities and jealousy creates environments that inhibit you from discovering all of who you are.
  15. I apologize that we do not cherish your one of a kind radiant soul, divine brilliance and unique beauty.

While I might not know you, I recognize you. I value who you are today and destined to become tomorrow. Love and accept all of yourself because you lack absolutely nothing. Your presence and story is uniquely yours and can never be duplicated. So today, celebrate, embrace and cherish your real authentic self and remember you are a unique emanation of love, peace, harmony, intelligence, beauty, prosperity and abundance. You are and will always be more than enough.

From my heart to yours I wholeheartedly apologize. We as men, must and will do better for you queens.

Love Always,


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About the Author:

Kimati A. Ramsey is a brand strategist, educational consultant and motivational storyteller who graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. His life mission is to embrace his authentic self, making each precious moment a masterpiece while being of service to humanity. Residing in Los Angeles, California he is an avid sports, music and fashion enthusiast who enjoys reading, meditation, building genuine relationships and practicing a healthy active lifestyle. Stay connected at LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.