Pursue Excellence Through Self-Leadership


Successful individuals know how to lead. There have been thousands of leadership books, thoughts, and ideas published through different mediums. While many of these ideas differ in their approach, there has been one consistent approach in the differing models. Self-leadership is the first step that must be taken in order for successful individuals to lead others. If you’re unable to lead your own self, you’ll lead no one.

So what does self-leadership entail? The goal of self-leadership training is to improve a rater’s confidence in his or her ability to manage performance. Self-leadership training techniques include positive self-talk, mental imagery, and positive beliefs and thought patters. The assumption is that if there are increases in self-direction, self-motivation, and confidence, there will be an increase in accuracy. Overall, self-leadership emphasizes intrinsic sources of behavioral standards and emphasizes doing things for their intrinsic value (2013). Self-leadership begins with self-awareness, which is developed from an honest evaluation of oneself. One of the most beneficial endeavors you can engage in is taking time to spend time with yourself, engaging your mind in open, honest, and transparent communication and feedback. Coach Rav told me, “The biggest mistake we make in life is letting someone else tell us what we want. I think I can decide what I want for myself.” This lines up directly with self-awareness. If we don’t understand our own desires to make a difference or pursue excellence, others will tell us and influence our decisions based on their desires and wants.

Self-leadership is leadership. If you desire and expect to have an influence on others, you must be capable to influence yourself. Self-leadership puts you in the 20% of individuals who are progressing, growing, and achieving goals and dreams. Lack of self-leadership puts with the 80% who is lacking direction and accepting mediocrity. Self-leadership is an investment in yourself, aiding you in your pursuit of knowledge, excellence, and influential leadership. Begin by deciding to lead yourself today!

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