Are you on a mission?

To properly answer this question, use Thumoslang!

Nickantony Quach
Feb 11 · 2 min read
Gorden at Haven Cave

Are you on a mission? To properly answer this question, we need to use Thumoslang, which is created by Nickantony Quach as the nomenclature for social life.

“At first glance, Thumoslang appears to require a specific worldview to be followed,” stated Alec Mustafayev (born 2002), “but it can actually be followed no matter how someone views the world.”

“Thumoslang allows people to cohere regardless of conflicts they might have with each other,” said Alec (right in photo below).

“It’s the creators’ language,” said Jairson Ascenção (born 1999). “As a tool, it allows a person to ensure that all their relationships, actions are centered around creating their ultimate product, which is the culmination of their being.”

Thumoslang is a great idea. Here is how it defines what an idea is.

  • Idea; that means, action proposal.

Using the above thumbnail definition, “Thumoslang is a collection of ideas,” said Jairson (left in photo below).

Using the following three thumbnail definitions, here is how Thumoslang defines what a mission is.

  • Operation; that means, planned activity.
  • Goal; that means, reachable target.
  • Mission; that means, goal-oriented operations.

According to the above Thumoslang thumbnails, a mission is under way when planned activities are carried out in an attempt to reach a specific target, objective. Therefore, you’re not on a mission if any of the following is true.

  • You have no planned activities.
  • Your activities do not serve the same target, objective.
  • Your target is not reachable because the reaching is humanly impossible.

If your mission is to achieve more consequential relationships using far less effort, your planned activities should involve Thumoslang. How? See

Jairson (left) and Alec (right)


Nickantony Quach

Written by

Founder of Ri4CTV, a channel on YouTube, Creator of Thumoslang, the nomenclature for social life, and Father of One, who works for the NFL



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