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Content Curation at Coalmont Magazine

Nickantony Quach
Dec 22, 2019 · 2 min read

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This article is about how contents of Coalmont Magazine at should be curated. The magazine is divided into various departments and topics.

  • Several are for readers around the world. They are presented on the Global Stage. See section A below.
  • Some are for readers in Rhode Island. See section B below.
  • Other departments and topics are listed in section C below.
  • Navigation bar is presented by section D below.
  • The table of contents is explained by section E below.
  • Coalmont feature pages are explained in section F below.

A | Global Stage

B | Rhode Island

C | Other Departments

D | Navigation at Coalmont

The navigation bar at Coalmont takes the reader to one of the following places:

E | About the Table of Contents

To access the Table of Contents of the Coalmont Magazine, click on the link TOC near the top of this article. It presents Coalmont’s contents according to topics instead of departments.

F | About Coalmont Feature Pages

A feature page may be considered as either a department or a topic. A department must be listed herein. A topic must be listed in the table of contents.


Our offense on a great Black Mountain

Nickantony Quach

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Founder of Ri4CTV, a channel on YouTube, Creator of Thumoslang, the nomenclature for social life, and Father of One, who works for the NFL



Our offense on a great Black Mountain

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