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Jairson Ascencao
Jan 29 · 5 min read

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Jairson (left), Norman, Armanda, Alec, and James (right) at The Haven Cave

For those who do not know, George Bernard Shaw is a Nobel Prize winner from almost a century ago. He believes that life is not about finding yourself but about creating yourself. If you happen to live in Providence, HavenFestPVD is one place where you can do both.

[2] HavenFestPVD is the first example of a new type of village for humanity, Rhode Island’s weekly collaboration village, organized by Jairson Ascencao (born 1999) and his clan We4inPVD, which includes Alec Mustafayev (born 2002), Norman D. Baker (born 1993), and Nickanthony Quach. Jairson, Alec, and Norman are visible in the above featured photo, which was taken by Nick during an art gathering at The Haven Cave.

[3] The goal of this village is to facilitate everyone’s journey into what they truly want to become. It is a place where people can frequently experiment with their creative life in several fun, constructive ways. This village is where regular interaction with like-minded people as well as those from vastly different backgrounds can help promote iterative revision, which is what it takes for the next level of success for you as the individual as well as for us all as the community.

[4] The mission of HavenFestPVD is to unfragment the local communities by providing a supportive village in which dream chasers can speed up their lifelong journey towards their ideals. The word Haven was chosen because the original goal of the event was to be a sanctuary for dream chasers, including the creators and performers of Providence. We call this type of village a Thumos Village. Thumoslang is a philosophy turned language that is geared towards helping humanity become a safe Haven for people to create their ideal selves, and we use it in the village.

[5]There are two main types of people who benefit from a Thumos Village, nomads, and villagers. A Thumos village works best when a location is designated as a public Village Headquarters, which is a facility which empowers people to create themselves.

[6] A nomad is any dream chaser who has been on a journey to find themselves. Nomads go where their hearts please them and have spent much time working to discover what it is that they want to do. They may have settled into one role or another, but the question that draws them to the village is, “Am I actually currently moving towards my ideal self, or have I been standing still?” Nomads who come to HavenFestPVD are able to experiment with their creative life in several fun, constructive ways.

[7] Originally, nomads were called spectators. The biggest reason the wording was changed is because of the relationship between the villagers and the visitors. Spectators just watch. Nomads are a deep part of the village, every time, because they are a part of the same world. The villagers are not simply an aquarium where you watch like a fishbowl, they are a part of your world, working their hardest to run their life same as you.

[8] A villager is any chaser that has decided to use the The Haven Cave or other Village Headquarters as a facility to help create themselves. To qualify as a villager, what you create must fit the boundaries of HavenFestPVD’s mission. This simply means your creation should be geared towards inclusivity, and promotion of other peoples ideals.

[9] When several villagers work together for a strong common interest, they are referred to as a clan. In Haven’s village, clans run paracities, which facilitate the ideals of the clan members. Its leading member is referred to as a chief, also known as a paracity leader. The chief speaks for the entire clan but not for the entire village. For practical purposes, a clan takes two members to truly be considered a paracity. At least one person must be the Paracity Leader, and at least one other person the Paracity Manager. Leadership, that means, ahead of history. Management, that means, preventing resource-waste. To run an effective paracity, at least one person must be thinking about where the paracity is headed and the work that needs to be done, and the other person must be working to make sure that things are done efficiently and effectively. When two or more clans work together for a common interest, they are referred to as a pact.

[10] Haven’s village operates as a pararegion, in which multiple paracities may form. The goal of the pararegion is to facilitate the ideals of the paracities.

[11] To the nomads, the village is an opportunity to explore useful ideas, unexpected talents, innovative thoughts, and beautiful works of art. It’s a place where fans can, in person, express their love to a local performer or creator.

[12] To understand how the first Thumos Village is impacting lives, here is one example.

[13] During the HavenFestPVD 2020 Winter Season, all event activities are conducted within the space of a very large room, formally known as The Haven Cave, which is divided into four corners. One of them might be, for example, the Book Club Corner where a young writer such as Alec Mustafayev, a high school student, can present his self-published book Rebellious.

[14] During presentations of his creativity at HavenFestPVD, Alec has repeatedly involved the camera gear as well as the cameraman from YoutubePVD, which is the YouTube Content Creation Facility for the people of Providence. He has done so to increase exposure and knowledge of his writing. This is just one example of how villagers combine their resources to help their fellow man create themselves.

[15] Another great example is the Kingmaker Comic, which with the aid of the Haven Cave, has attracted the attention of 3 new potential villagers in less than a week. The comic intends to display the nomenclature and mentality of Thumoslang through the telling of an intergalactic epic and is below.

[16] If you’re interested in knowing more, or contributing to the development of this concept and sincere quest to help humanity, contact Jairson Ascencao at ri4ctv.com/Jairson

Our offense on a great Black Mountain

Jairson Ascencao

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