How to Sharpen the Blade of Your Mind in Three Hours

Using the YouTube Series Thumoslang101 on Ri4CTV

Nickantony Quach
Dec 21, 2019 · 5 min read
Jairson Ascencao of Rhode Island

[1] The YouTube series Thumoslang101 on Ri4CTV is a sequence of six videos. They capture the conversation between Ifeanyi Onyekaba and Nickantony Quach. The conversation lasts three hours. It took place in Providence, Rhode Island on the third Wednesday of August in 2019. It may one day be considered the conversation that changes the world. It will, using Thumoslang, sharpen the blade of your mind in three hours and make you as the individual far more powerful than you’ve been led to believe.

[2] Good things in life are often derived from relationships. That’s why we all should become an expert in human relationships. To become an expert in any field, you must first learn of its nomenclature. Based on the 2017 book, Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, Thumoslang is the nomenclature for use in social life to achieve more consequential relationships with much less effort.

[3] Ifeanyi the boxer was 15 year old when he migrated to the United States. He was 25 when he first met Nick in Providence during early summer 2019. This encounter is captured by the video, Ifeanyi the Boxer, which is Episode 2 in Season 2 of the YouTube series NDBaker93. In this video, Ifeanyi begins to tell the story of his life.

[4] As the creator of Thumoslang, Nick is the first to know of its power. However, he did not know how to effectively demonstrate its power until Ifeanyi asked to meet a second time in late summer 2019. The meeting lasted three hours. This was captured by the six episodes in Season 1 of the video series Thumoslang101.

[5] Three weeks after the filming session of Thumoslang101 was finished, 20 year old Jairson Ascencao was discovered by Ri4CTV while flirting with a girl in a tree. Several years before he developed his climbing and social skills, he buried his youth in books, mostly fiction at first. Without a father, and moving a lot, Jairson didn’t have a stable circle of friends. His mother spent this time period working 3 jobs constantly, so he was alone during most of his childhood. He had to figure out how best to spend his time, and that led him to books. All that time reading however, prevented him from developing social skills. As Jairson reached high school, he noticed that no one wanted to be near him. He was desperate for a role model. He was even more desperate for a friend.

[6] The school day had just ended during Jairson’s freshman year, and he and schoolmate Scott were walking down the street towards Scott’s house. Scott was excited to be home, but he wasn’t supposed to have friends over his house without his parents permission. Jairson however, just really wanted to spend time with Scott. So, when they reached Scott’s house, Scott opened his door and said Jairson couldn’t go in. Jairson laughed, took off his jacket, threw it inside and said, “but look, my jacket is already inside.” Then he took off his shoes and threw them in and said “And now my shoes are already inside.” And finally, moved Scott slightly to the side and went in before saying, “And now I’m inside.” Scott continued being stern while Jairson was running around making jokes. Then, Jairson figured out which room was Scott’s room, and went inside quickly, hiding under Scott’s covers. Scott came over to the room and said “Jairson, what are you doing, you need to leave.” To which Jairson put on a high voice and a confused tone and said, “Who is this Jairson you speak of? I am a bed!” This made them laugh so much Scott stopped trying so hard to kick Jairson out, and they began talking about other things. This was the first time Jairson ever made a friend. After this great success, he began to adopt this brute force style as his approach to social life. He brought this approach with him to Colorado State University.

[7] His high school years had made Jairson realize that he didn’t have to know how to achieve a goal in order to make the attempt. In fact, it was far better to throw himself into situations with an identified goal and just learn from his mistakes than to do nothing. He did that often and thus refined his brute-force skill throughout the next two years. However, this is a means, not the end.

[8] What Jairson wants in the end is a world where people don’t squash each others dreams, thanks to his parents’ attitude towards him throughout his life. As he continued to see many others with the same issues, his desire to help build such a world grew stronger. As the result, he attempted to build and join various communities where the members could develop themselves. One of these communities was a meditation club that he started alongside a college friend. The club quickly grew to house 25 members, and the members often stated how necessary the event was for their state of mind. From these experiences, Jairson saw how necessary social skills were if he was going to widen his impact and inspire a big following. He approached this problem the the way he loved, by brute force.

[9] Even though brute force didn’t get him too far beyond the here and now, his only other apparent choice was to follow his mother’s wishes and become some type of worker. That is, until Jairson met Nickanthony Quach.

[10] “When I met you, and I heard you had made a nomenclature for social life, I didn’t care at all what the terms were. What I saw was the genius of bringing the social world into definition, because I had spent the last 7 years studying it by brute force.”

[11] Those 7 years led Jairson to be the first person to watch all six episodes in Season 1 of Thumoslang101. How he reacts to them is captured by the 21 episodes in Season 1 of Thumoslang102. Watching Thumoslang101 in full led Jairson to state at the end of his viewing that:

[13] “I was surprised by how quickly [Nick was] able to sharpen the blade of [Ifeanyi’s] mind. What I meant by that is, [Ifeanyi] was able to hone in very quickly and realize some really important things about himself in the span of three hours. I’ve spent so much time in school and never seen someone be able to grow that much that quickly. What surprised me the most was how much I was able to see him grow.”

[14] In the end, the YouTube series Thumoslang101 used brute force to get the brute force method out of Jairson’s social life. The blade of his mind was also sharpened just as quickly as he watched the series. To Jairson’s surprise, he became far more powerful in days.

Nickantony Quach

Written by

Founder of Ri4CTV, a channel on YouTube, Creator of Thumoslang, the nomenclature for social life, and Father of One, who works for the NFL



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