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The Start of Our Startup

Nickantony Quach
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“Dedication” — Photo by Nickantony Quach on December 28th, 2019

On the left in the above photo Dedication, is Alec Mustafayev (born 2002). He dedicated his time to our team while working with Jairson Ascencao (born 1999) at Ri4CTV. The photo was taken by Nickantony Quach on Day 95 of our startup story, In 100 Days: The Start of Our Startup. What took place on that day is captured by the story From Devotion to Dedication. Stories applicable to other days are listed below as they become available.

[2] Day Zero is when we first detected an appearance of the foggiest notion acting as manifestation of the idea behind our startup business. The start of our startup begins on Day Zero, which is not when our startup business begins. To be sure, the start of our startup ends on Day 100, which is when our startup business HavenfestPVD begins.

[3] Our business idea did not exist until Day 98 (12/31/2019), when we first drafted the story What to Expect at HavenfestPVD. The story was not settled until after midnight on Day 100 (1/2/2020), when we nailed the following as our mission statement.

The mission of HavenFestPVD is to unfragment our communities by providing a supportive village in which dream chasers can speed up their lifelong journey towards their ideals.

[4] When the above photo Dedication was taken three days earlier, as reported by the article From Devotion to Dedication, we thought that we were going to roll out YoutubePVD as our business. As it turns out, YoutubePVD is a smaller business unit of ours that acts as a customer of HavenfestPVD, our bigger business unit. The video Dedication to Our Team, which is Episode 1 in Season 13 of the YouTube series NDBaker93, shows how Alec and Jairson worked together on an open letter for use in rolling out YoutubePVD as the YouTube Content Creation Facility for the people of Providence.

[5] All consequential events leading up to Day Zero took place within 44 days earlier. That’s why the story on the start of our startup begins on Day Minus 44.

Day Minus 44 | 8/11/2019

Day Minus 19 | 9/5

The first Thursday of September 2019 is Day One in the following story:

Day One in the above story is Day Minus 19 in the story Startup: Idea to Business in 100 Days. This is because the business journey began 19 days after the day when Jairson and Nick first met one another.

Day 11 | 10/5

Day 42 | 11/5

Day 59 | 11/22

Day 62 | 11/25

Day 65 | 11/28

Day 72 | 12/5

Day 84 | 12/17

Day 85 | 12/18

Day 86 | 12/19

Day 88 | 12/21

Day 89 | 12/22

Day 91 | 12/24

Day 94 | Friday, 12/27

Day 95 | Saturday, 12/28

Day 96 | Sunday, 12/29

Day 97 | Monday, 12/30

Day 98 | Tuesday, 12/31

Day 99 | Wednesday, 1/1/2020

Day 100 | Thursday, 1/2/2020

Day 101 | 1/3

Day 102 | 1/4

Day 103 | 1/5

Day 104 | 1/6



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