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Startup: Idea to Business in 100 Days

Nickantony Quach
Dec 26, 2019 · 6 min read
Norman D. Baker (left) and Jairson Ascencao

[1] Norman D. Baker (born 1993), Jairson Ascencao (born 1999), and Alec Mustafayev are the first three co-hosts of NDBaker93, the daily show on the YouTube channel Rhode Island Foresight Television (Ri4CTV). The show is named after Norman’s email account.

[2] The YouTube series NDBaker93 is a must-watch daily show for all, especially those in need of an overhaul for their business of the self. It tells the still-developing reality story of how four friends, Elias Turner aka Tengu and the three co-hosts, grow up in Providence, Rhode Island together and, thanks to Thumoslang, become far more powerful than otherwise possible. Behind the scene, they will take turn to entertain you with the following idea. “You as an individual are far more powerful than you have been led to believe.”

FYI: This story is part of the series that begins with the story Startup: Idea to Business in 100 Days, which covers between Day Minus 44 and Day Zero.

Day 11

[3] Created by Nickantony Quach, the show NDBaker93 made its debut without fanfare on the first Saturday of October (Day 11) when the video BMX for Life, which is the first of 25 episodes in Season 1, was released on Ri4CTV. Ever since, a new episode is published everyday. The first scene in the video captures the first, totally unexpected, encounter between Norm and Nick. It took place on the third Friday of September while Norm and his cousin were riding BMX bikes to the so-called Trinity Skatepark, formally known as, Adrian Hall Skate Park.

[4] The second, also totally unexpected, encounter between Norm and Nick took place at Kennedy Plaza on the first Tuesday of October, when they both participated in an impromptu music gathering first organized by Jairson, their unknowingly mutual friend. Part of the gathering is captured by Episode 22 and Episode 23 in Season 1 of NDBaker93.

[5] The first 21 episodes in Season 1 were filmed mostly during the five-hour session carried out by Norm and Nick in their third meeting, which took place on the first Friday of October. Going from total strangers to YouTube partners in three meetings spanning two weeks is how fast they got their NDBaker93 journey started.

Season 1

Overview of Season 1

[6] The first season of NDBaker93 introduces viewers to Norm. During the first ten episodes, Norm gets to know more and more about Ri4CTV in the same conversation with Nick who is most of the time standing off screen. After the tenth episode, viewers get to know more about Norm and witness the on-camera, in-reality development of his personal character.

[7] During the sixth minute in the 11th episode, Norm took more than 40 full seconds of silence to answer the following question. What does he truly want to become? “A leader,” said he. As soon as he says that, the story of his life begins. That’s why the episode’s title is The Story Begins.

Day 36

[8] The first episode in Season 2 was released on the last Wednesday of October (Day 36). Jairson first appears as our co-host in the video The Nexus Day, which is Episode 6.

Day 42

[9] On Election Day, Norm, Jairson, Elias, and Nick drafted and signed their first business partnership agreement. During the meeting, each person was given a chance to include the two rules on things that are the most near and dear to that person. The combined result is a list of seven rules. As soon as we signed off our basic rules, we began to operate as one: We4inPVD! This is explained by the video We 4 in PVD, which is the last episode in Season 2.

We4inPVD on Election Day 2019

Season 2

Overview of Season 2

[10] The second season of NDBaker93 takes viewers through basically two different experiences at once, one over the odd episodes and the other over the even episodes. The first experience is to enjoy watching what our video stars do at an impromptu music gathering. The second experience is to watch how some of them evolve as their character grows.

Season 3

Overview of Season 3

[11] The third season has only two episodes. Each episode in this season is to be a serious video about Thumoslang and published as urgently as necessary. The first episode is a video letter from Jairson explaining what Thumoslang is about. The second episode captures a mentoring session he had with his Thumoslang mentor Nickantony Quach.

Season 4

Overview of Season 4

[12] The fourth season has ten urgently published episodes. Most of them cover Providence Haven, a local impromptu music and improv group, and Providence Caribou, an casual program involving students from local high schools. Several episodes are random and unrelated to the two main topics.

Season 5

Overview of Season 5

[13] All seven episodes in Season 5 of the YouTube series NDBaker93 are together considered as the Thumoslang103 series. Before watching it, you should first watch the series Thumoslang102 or Thumoslang101. Season 5 is not released on a daily basis. Its seven episodes are published every Monday between March 16 and April 27, 2020.

Season 6

Overview of Season 6

[14] Season 6 picks up the daily schedule where Season 2 left off. Through the first episode, our daily show NDBaker93 presents Alec Mustafayev, our third co-host. Within the first seven episodes, Elias Turner, Jairson Ascencao, Norman D. Baker, and Nickantony Quach are all re-introduced.

Season 7

Overview of Season 7

[15] The seventh season walks Alec through the experience of watching the YouTube series Thumoslang101. Season 7 is also known as Thumoslang104.

Season 8 — Incomplete

Overview of Season 8

[16] As of 12/26/2019, Season 8 is incomplete. So far, it has only two episodes.

Season 9

Overview of Season 9

[17] Season 9 shows how we reach the conclusion of doing a song covering 100 seconds of a video clip important to our group.

Season 10 — Incomplete

[18] Season 10 begins a new era. It kicks off with the first audition by the Triple7 Rap Collective. This season picks up the daily schedule where Season 6 left off.

[19] The video Birth of a Brand New Leader, which is Episode 12, shows how Jairson becomes a leader.

Season 11

[20] Season 11 offers the course Effective Leadership Using Thumoslang (ELUT) taught by Nickantony Quach, the creator of Thumoslang. This course should be great for anyone who wants to become a leader but does not have yet much experience in leadership.

Season 12

[21] Season 12 has been reserved for feedback on the 2017 book, Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.

Season 13

[21] The first two episodes of Season 12 about about the letter Dear People of Providence. However, only the first one has been produced and released. Production on the second one has been suspended in order to focus our resources on the Thumoslang Comic Project.

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