Now is the Time for Action

A direct result of our heated open discussion this most recent Monday

Jairson Ascencao
Feb 25 · 4 min read

Elias started this discussion yesterday, upset and pining for a more effective event space.

“We need a new location, a space that screams ‘event.’”

This is Jairson, and I wanted to address Elias’ concern, and also talk about how we need to work together if we expect Providence Haven to succeed.

At this point, when it comes to members of the community, we don’t need more outreach, we have enough people now to start a movement.

What we do need however, is coordination, in our movements through the week and in our ability to combine our resources to produce the deliverables we so desperately need.

A one man show will get us nowhere

I’ve tried running things on my own, for a while now. It doesn’t work. And it leaves me in a stressed state, and our event space mediocre. Things need to change. So I’m going to explain where I need help, and how we can coordinate our actions. What I need is for the people who are able to help, to directly message me after reading this so that we can begin.

Where Providence Haven needs Leadership

We need Leadership in 3 places

  • Our Facilities
  • Our Business Structure
  • Our Marketing

The next sections will detail our current situation, and my vision for where we are going.

Our Facilities

Right now, Providence Haven has two regular physical facilities. The Haven Cave, and my back patio.

The Cave

The Cave is our current best space to be able to facilitate a regular event. Its cheap, and I have strong ties to the owners. The owners plan to add 3 stories to the Cave space, as well as make it larger and more expansive. These are definite plans, and I view tying Providence Haven’s growth to the growth of the cave space as vital to keeping contact with a growing nexus in Providence’s history. Rather than trying to abandon the space, I need help thinking about how to make the Cave more attractive to people who pass by. I just bought a fold able poster stand for us to be able to put advertisements on the sidewalk.

What are your plans for the Cave? Message me if you have ideas, and I can facilitate a meeting between you and our members to push our next steps.

My Patio

This is our Headquarters. As long as I am not at work, that space is available 24/7 for us to meet and push foward on what Haven needs next.

However, we need a true headquarters. Norman, Shira, and I are looking for a 4 bedroom space that can be used to house our members and provide a workspace for those of us who need it. If you know of any locations in Providence, message me about them.

Our Business Structure

Providence Haven has been facilitating the creation of several products. A philosophy book, a Comic on leadership, an album, and many more things to come.

We need to set up royalty statements so that as these products make money, Haven can use that money to grow its ability and facility, as well as provide income to its hardworking members.

I need those of you creating to get in contact with me and Norman and set a time for us to talk about how this business partnership will help provide for us all, and treat the artists who work with us fairly.

Also, if you have ideas about our structure and facility please don’t be afraid to write down your thoughts and speak with me or Norman about them.

Our Marketing

As of right now, the main marketers have been Norman and I. We’ve managed to bring in small groups, but inconsistently. Yet, our community has grown. We see a need for the work we are doing in each other and in our individual views of how fragmented our communities are. Now we need to begin bringing those communities together.

An Event Manager

“When is the next time I could play at this venue?” -said Leo Castillo, our guitarist from yesterday.

As of right now, we are keeping up with our events a week at a time. Which of us could take on the role of the events manager, and keep a strong lead on what is going on each Monday, and manage the event? I’ve been doing this so far, but alongside my responsibilities to each of you and to working on everything that we need, my resources are spread thin. If you feel you would be able to take on such a task, there would be monetary reward, tied directly to how well you do as the event manager.

How to bring more people in

What we all need to do as individuals is spend some time each week reaching out about our upcoming events, and getting people excited for what is on the menu.

Ask yourself this. “Have I posted about the art walk event upcoming this Monday? What communities have I been reaching out to about Providence Haven? How do I increase Providence Haven’s reputation?”

The End

The success of our movement comes down to how well we all work together to promote and empower each other and Haven itself. In the end, it does not come down to any of us as the individual, we all have a responsibility to help make this movement succeed. If you’ve identified a role or set of tasks you feel you could do each week to help us grow, please reach out. I thank you for reading this, let’s change Providence’s history together.

Jairson Ascencao

Written by

Cape Verdean, Climber. “The individual is far more powerful than they’ve been led to believe.” Build a home with me?



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