What to Expect at HavenFestPVD

Basic Architecture for the Weekly Creativity Village in Providence, Rhode Island

Nickantony Quach
Dec 31, 2019 · 10 min read

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Thumos Corner in the background

[1] HavenFestPVD is your chance to be a part of a new type of village for humanity, Rhode Island’s weekly collaboration village, organized by Jairson Ascencao (born 1999) and his clan We4inPVD, which includes Alec Mustafayev (born 2002), Norman D. Baker (born 1993), and Nickanthony Quach. Jairson, Alec, and Norman are visible in the above featured photo, which was taken by Nick during an art gathering at The Haven Cave.

[2] HavenFestPVD is a weekly Festival where you can as a dream chaser over time evolve yourself into what you truly want to become. It is a place where you can frequently experiment with your creative life in several fun, constructive ways. This Festival is where regular interaction with like-minded people as well as those from vastly different backgrounds can help promote iterative revision, which is what it takes for the next level of success for you as the individual as well as for us all as the community.

[3] The mission of HavenFestPVD is to unfragment the local communities by providing a supportive village in which dream chasers can speed up their lifelong journey towards their ideals. The word Haven was chosen because it is a sanctuary for dream chasers, including the creators and performers of Providence. To be sure, with this new type of village for humanity, you can speed up your lifelong journey towards your ideals.

[4] Located right near the Providence Place Mall, HavenFestPVD is a local stage with an intimate setting in a family-friendly environment. If you want to share your dream, this is where you as a villager can show your loved ones as well as your fans the true meaning of your creativity. The goal of the villager role is to make sure you no longer have a hard time explaining everything about your dreams to the public as well as to your family and friends.

[5] When several villagers work together for a strong common interest, they are referred to as a clan. Its leading member is referred to as a chief, also known as a clan leader. The chief speaks for the entire clan but not for the entire village. For practical purposes, a clan may exist with only one member. When several clans work together for a common interest, they are referred to as a pact.

“Of Course” — Karen Le, 2019

[6] To the Festival-goers, HavenFestPVD is an opportunity to explore useful ideas, unexpected talents, innovative thoughts, and beautiful works of art. It’s a place where fans can, in person, express their love to a local performer or creator.

[7] Hereby is one of the beautiful works of art you may one day by chance discover at a Thumos Village similar to HavenFestPVD in your own city. The image is that of William Pointdexter, aka. Dex, a member of the Samwell Hockey Team in the comic called, “Check, Please!” Created by Ngozi Ukazu, the comic is an online graphic novel whose printing campaign remains the most funded webcomics Kickstarter ever.

[8] The image, whose title is, “Of course”, was painted in 2019 by Karen Le using marker. Here is how she described it. “In this drawing, it is the annoyed face he makes when he is of coursing in exasperation towards his best friend and defense partner, Derek Nurse, on the Samwell Hockey Team!”

Alec Mustafayev and His Book

[9] During the HavenFestPVD 2020 Winter Season, all event activities are conducted within the space of a very large room, formally known as The Haven Cave, which is divided into four corners. One of them might be, for example, the Book Club Corner where a young writer such as Alec Mustafayev, a high school student, can present his self-published book Rebellious.

[10] During a presentation of your creativity at HavenFestPVD, you may want to involve the camera gear as well as the cameraman from YoutubePVD, which is the YouTube Content Creation Facility for the people of Providence. The service is free of charge when urgency is not involved. Unless otherwise arranged, your demo or performance will then be captured by an episode of NDBaker93, which is the YouTube daily show on Ri4CTV. The video Rebellious is an example. | Watch the video and meet Alec

Jairson Ascencao Flirting in a Tree

[11] HavenFestPVD is organized by the two friends Jairson Ascencao, the Haven Cave Manager, and Nickantony Quach, the Founder of Ri4CTV. The way they first met one another during the summer of 2019 is the best example of their creativity. Jairson was discovered by Ri4CTV while flirting with a girl in a tree, as captured by the video First Encounter. Behind the camera was Nick, the brand-new friend appearing out of nowhere with all the camera gear from YoutubePVD. | Watch the video and meet Jairson

[12] Here is how the HavenFestPVD 2020 Winter Season is organized. The Festival runs every Monday in January, February, and March. The door opens at 4:15 PM and closes at 6:45 PM. The events begin at 4:30 PM and end at 6:30 PM. Watch out, you don’t want to regret not being on time.

[13] Everyone pays the nonrefundable entrance fee, which is 6 dollars online or 12 dollars at the door. That includes organizers, performers, and others. Members present before 2020 are grandfathered in, old money rules still apply. With the entrance fee, you become a dream chaser who is allowed to participate in the Festival as a nomad or villager. If you’re chasing your dreams, or if you want your message to be heard, HavenFestPVD is where you need to be.

[14] A nomad is any dream chaser who has been on a journey to find themselves. Nomads go where their hearts please them and have spent much time working to discover what it is that they want to do. They may have settled into one role or another, but the question that draws them to the village is, “Am I actually currently moving towards my ideal self, or have I been standing still?” Nomads who come to HavenFestPVD are able to experiment with their creative life in several fun, constructive ways. So whether you stay all day at one corner or you check out a new space every now and again, each Festival day can be a vastly different experience for you and your friends.

[15] A villager is any chaser that has decided to use the The Haven Cave to help create themselves. The Floor Plan below shows the layout of The Haven Cave. Spaces available for rent include the Center Stage, homestead corners and rentable spots. Their uses will be explained below. To qualify as a villager, your presentation must fit the boundaries of HavenFestPVD’s mission.

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The Floor Plan of The Haven Cave

[16] Originally, nomads were called spectators. The biggest reason the wording was changed is because of the relationship between the villagers and the visitors. Spectators just watch. Nomads are a deep part of the village, every time, because they are a part of the same world. The villagers are not simply an aquarium where you watch like a fishbowl, they are a part of your world, working their hardest in Providence the same as you.

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Kitchen Corner in the background on the left

[17] All villagers must go through an approval process to be selected. Space can be rented for the full time of the Festival, which is called a season, or a shorter time, which is called a session. Discounts are available to those who rent several spaces for many Festival days. You must present your case during online registration to be considered for a discount. The Haven Cave Manager can be reached through his contact page here for additional questions and for registration.

[18] The Festival day is separated into 4 free times and 4 show times. Free time always lasts 20 minutes, and show time lasts 10. The Festival divides its floor space, the Haven Cave, into four homestead corners. The homestead corners are the largest locations to display yourself, and offer the most potential for long-term interaction with the nomads who come through the Festival. The corners are active during free time, and villagers get them for all 4 free times of one event day. The starting time for the four free times are 4:30 PM, 5:00 PM, 5:30 PM, and 6:00 PM. A whistle will sound at the start of every free time.

[19] The first homestead corner is nearby to your left while looking in from the front door. Known as the Thumos Corner, this is where hardcore life change happens. It is visible in the featured image at the top of this article. To your right by the front wall is the Crooked Corner, where our videographer likes to park his gear. The two back corners are called the Kitchen Corner, on the left, and the Broadway Corner, on the right. The former is visible in the previous image whereas the latter is visible in the following image. Rentable for 10 minutes during show time as explained below, the Center Stage is located between the two back corners. A homestead corner is 20 dollars to rent for the day.

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Broadway Corner in the background

[20] Show time is when the special performances that are peppered throughout the Festival occur. Every show is done in the Center Stage and lasts 10 minutes. The four show times are 4:50 PM, 5:20 PM, 5:50 PM, and 6:20 PM. The Center Stage is the back wall to the right of the hallway area. Performers or speakers can prepare for their performances in the Back Stage area, which is located behind the Center Stage. When show time begins, everyone is expected to face the Center Stage and enjoy a live performance. It is expected that respect will be given to performers during this time. Otherwise, when there are no performers available for a show, the prior free time is extended by 10 minutes for all. A show is 25 dollars to rent.

[21] A rentable spot is a floor space large enough for a single person to sell an item or perform, whether it be handmade jewelry, an up and coming clothing brand or pastry skills as a baker. There are 3 potential spots, which are only active during free times. Two smaller spots, and one larger. The Sunspot is located on the left of the building, between the Thumos and the Kitchen corners. The Moonspot is located on the right of the building, between the Crooked and the Broadway corners. The Hotspot is the large spot located at the center of the room. A small spot is 10 dollars. A large spot is 15.

[22] If you are a high school student like Alec Mustafayev and you want to present your book to the public, rent a spot. You can also make a few bucks by selling soda at a spot in the Festival. If what you practice in private is ready for a test run with random people, it’s time to rent a corner at the Festival to show off your talent. For a bigger audience, rent a show.

[23] If you as a villager would like to also enjoy being a nomad wandering around the village, you should create a clan whose members would take turn to keep the business of your homestead corner or rentable spot running smoothly. As a clan leader, you are responsible to keep your spaces running during their active times. How it should be carried out is up to you and your clan so long as others are respected. Members of your clan are allowed to bring into their rental spaces anything that would advance their ideals while respecting the others’ ideals at the same time.

[24] As an alternative, instead of creating a clan, you may want to join a pact. Several clans may work together as a pact. Because a clan may have only a single villager as its member, you as a villager must not form a clan in order to take advantage of being a part of a pact.

[25] As long as you have members who can keep your Clan’s space active while you explore, there’s nothing stopping villagers from also enjoying the fruits of the village. However, if your absence causes your Clan and their Nomads to be unable to do what they love, you’ve displayed disrespect not only to your clan, but to all the villagers and nomads who worked together to make the village a wonderful place to be. So be careful, as the role of a Clan Leader is an honor.

[26] For those who do not know, George Bernard Shaw is a Nobel Prize winner from almost a century ago. He believes that life is not about finding yourself but about creating yourself. If you happen to live in Providence, HavenFestPVD is where you can do both.

[27] To get started, check out the following links then aim your browser at Ri4CTV.com/V, an entrance to HavenFestPVD, which is The Village for Humanity at Providence, Rhode Island. Here are several related stories.

[28] After watching the following video, remember, V is for Village.

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