10+1 steps to your dream life, a self-controlled life

Your life is a miracle because you control a living dream
  1. Convince your books to work remotely — „Remote“ helps.
  2. Work from anywhere in your day job.
  3. Work from anywhere overlapping your day job and your passion.
  4. Work from anywhere only doing your passion.
  5. Create a company centered around your passion.
  6. Hire people and invest into it.
  7. Start managing your company for growth and sustainability.
  8. Manage your company until you want.
  9. Pass your company to someone you trust if you’re ready for the next venture.
  10. Start your next venture.
  11. There you go. Go to step 4, and repeat.

Written in my sabbatical, while listening to Beach House

Text inspired by: Garrett Mickley
Illustration inspired by: James Graves

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