Allow Yourself To Live

Wake Up 102. Music: Illness Institute — Invasion of the Body Snatchers. License: cc by-nc 3.0

It also means to let pain and fear happen, and not only having always super positive life moments.

Life is not about how much you avoid it and get away without a scar. It’s the turbulences, the ups and downs that happen to you, the unexpected moments of joy and the little moment of sorrow shortly after — that shape you and make it your life.

The challenge is to not get lost in one of the extremes: the super joyful state in which you are in danger to lose ground and the very negative state in which sadness can lead to depression and you in a vicious circle unable to get out.

So dive into of the extremes, have a swim there, but always find your way out again, because true fulfilled life is a balanced life.

Live the balance.

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