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Travel Light + Work Hard

A personal manifesto for living the dream by traveling the world and building up a profession.

My name is Alexander Kluge and I’m a former salesman and an M.Sc. graduate of Int’l Media & Computing.

Since Summer 2013 I live to Travel & Work around the world. This approach is called ‹Nowmadic Transmedia Story-Traveling›. I connect my Profession and Lifestyle of choice as a hack of life. Let me explain why I do it and what it comprises.

What is Nowmadic?

‹Nowmadic› stresses the intention of living in the Here and Now, constantly changing the location, and calling Home where one is at the very moment.

It expresses consciousness of the situation and personal development by continuously moving. Therefore the mind creates a flow state letting the creative, conscious juice in your brain move around.

It can be written as ‹Knowmadic›. I don’t do it because I don’t believe in aggregating knowledge too much. I enjoy having lacks of knowledge.

What is Transmedia?

Not taking into account what all the transmedia professionals tell when trying to sell their products or story, I wanna use ‹Transmedia› in a literal meaning:

The media I use for conveying my stories go fluently into and throughout each other, resulting in a soup in which every part of the story can easily be recognized and differentiated.

What is Story-Traveling?

Instead of telling stories I prefer traveling the stories. In my humble opinion this gives the person experiencing it a more active role as traveling keeps you moving. In contrast, telling is kind of a (physically) passive behavior with less meaning and potential bla bla bla.

Also, “Let me travel with you somewhere” sounds much better than “Let me tell you something”, right?

So with traveling I wanna learn about the world and see it from my own point of view. It’s key for me because I know the more you see from it, the more humble and modest you become:


What is Nowmadic Transmedia Story-Traveling?

The short formula is:

Be Remote (Home) + Travel + Gain Experience

is much more important than:

Be a productive worker so you live to work, feed the greedy masses with your products and services, and die right after having entered pension.

The resulting quintessential paradigm for story-travelers who create

Let me end this manifesto with an altered version of a short German saying:

Denn wer rastet, schreibt rostige Geschichten.

In English it means: Whoever rests, writes rusty stories.

And let me add this great quote at timestamp 02:00 min from the video below:

Collect an awful lot of experiences. Don’t do the same thing every day.If you’re a writer, go listen to your grandmother talk. What is she talking about? How does she talk? Then go listen to a child. How do they talk?
Write on the subway, and record the conversations of the people there. Get on the bus and go to [didn’t get that…] and see what the Hispanic families are talking about, and how they mix English and Spanish together.
Every creative person needs to have an interesting life — not a boring life. Because everything that we write, or photograph, or we draw comes from within.
We gonna use all these experiences.We’re collecting solutions for a problem we’re going to have — someday. So, when you’re that creative sitting in a agency, you got a whole basket full of memories of things that you can bring out onto a new situation. So, have an interesting life is the very best advice.

In German it translates to:

Wer ein langweiliges Leben führt, erzählt auch langweilige Geschichten.

So, don’t be boring — don’t!

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