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2021 Recap & 2022 Roadmap

Hello, Cobak Community!

We’re happy to present Cobak’s ROADMAP for the year 2022. We’ve also summarized what Cobak has achieved in 2021, arriving to where we are at in the beginning of 2022.

Thank you for your support so far and we will work hard to provide you better services as we move forward.

2021 RECAP

2021 1Q Recap & 2Q Upcoming Events

(CBK 1Q Recap and 2Q Upcoming Events | by 코박 | Medium)

1. Cobak ICO Service Renewal

2. Cobak Token Savings Event (Cobak X OcteFi)

3. Launching of Cobak Newsletter

4. Launching of Cobak Professional Advice Column

5. CBK Listed on MEXC in July, 2021, in addition being listed on top exchanges(Upbit, Coinone, and in 2020.

-CBK Exchange Listing on MEXC

6. Whitelisting Registration


7. 500,000+ Users Acheieved

8. Supported Various ICOs

9. Launching of CBK Savings with OcteFi


10. Marketing campaign collaboration: 70+ projects and exchanges

  • Samsung Games
  • Unblocked Block (UBB)
  • Bybit (Exchange)
  • Curate (XCUR)
  • (Gopax)
  • Blockchain Technology Research Center (Korea)

*And 70+ projects and exchanges*


Community System Update

-Renewal of user participation service and events.
-Renewal of influencer services.

User Focused Reward System

-Cobak Token (CBK) usability increase — Additional staking pools.
-Cobak Cash (CC) usability increase — Cobak Cash to Cobak Token bounty
-User level up System upgrade — Badge system update & CBK Rewards

Cobak Branding

-Creation of Cobak’s “Jonver Beaver” Multiverse:

Jonver Bevear and Friends

User Friendly UI

-Development of Cobak Web — Accessibility of hashtag and search page function.
-Development of Cobak App — Navigation function and compose/write function.

Exchange and Partnerships

-Additional Exchange listing and partnerships throughout 2022 (TBA)

Cobak Services

-Cobak Forum Update — Follow function and one-liner expressions.
-Cobak Live Update — Additional event(s) on Cobak Live Screen
-Cobak Academy Service Launch — Publishing by Blockchain Experts
-Global IDO Service Launch
-DeFi Stacking Service Launch

Thank you everyone for paying attention to the Cobak platform and its ecosystem. We will continuously focus on better serving our community.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Cobak Home




Cobak is the world’s 1st community that has a built-in blockchain wallet & has over 300,000 members.

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