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CBK Token Distribution Schedule for next 6 months

Hello Cobak Community,
We would like to announce the CBK token distribution plan for months 1–6.

1) Token allocation and distribution summary

2) Wallet Address summary

Private Sale 0x72A6df6A116a8aBC4bEC9C0A9E7B1F47140940ad
Staking Reward 0xB4340FC4E67A0F9D6B5f8934Abb3d71E836a022F
Team 0x29010c91e5D6E9d003F00B0C3f4223Cbc269E807
Partner 0x20c41702308Af0d981DA1Bff18e87541808D5f15
Ecosystem 0x5A67562b50670E54A9B01D97b17dFF8e9Fd0659a

3) Guidance on Unlock schedule and circulating supply of CBK

This circulating supply for 6 months will be the private sale (seed round, strategic round, and private round), staking reward, and ecosystem. Following are the 6 months of token unlock volume since the initial token distribution date and cumulative volume.

  • For the Month 1, out of 4 millions of CBK, 3 millions of CBK will be unlocked from private sale and 1 millions of CBK will be unlocked Ecosystem pool

4) Guidance on Lockup and Vesting Schedule

- Private sale: lockup and vesting period varies
(from 3–6M lockup & up to 12M vesting)
- Team: 12M lockup and 24M vesting
- Partner: 6M lockup and 12M vesting
- Staking reward: 1M lockup & 36M vesting
- Ecosystem: 1million CBK unlock for the 1st month and rest, 36M vesting.

CBK is a ERC20-based utility token used on Cobak. Cobak is the largest app-based crypto platform with a DAU of 60,000, and cumulative app-download of 300,000.CBK token will serve (1) as an internal payment token used for payment for services, (2) as means to unlock non-monetary membership benefits on Cobak, (3) as a reward token for participating in and performing activities beneficial to the platform and community

Thank you for your continued support!
Cobak Team | Twitter | Telegram



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