BCH, NEO, & GAS + COBINHOOD Corporate Accounts!

More blockchain integrations & higher withdrawal limits on COBINHOOD

BCH, NEO, GAS, and COBINHOOD Corporate accounts are coming!

Just before we close out the month, we have more great news to share. Check out these new coins and account tier that we are opening for our users.

New listings

March 30, 00:00 UTC+0

  • BitcoinCash (BCH): Deposit, withdraw, and trade BCH-BTC, BCH-ETH, and BCH-USDT trading pairs.

April 6, 00:00 UTC+0

Updated as of April 12
  • Neo (NEO): Deposit and trade NEO-BTC, NEO-ETH, and NEO-USDT trading pairs. Withdraw will be enabled on April 20 00:00 UTC+0
  • Gas (GAS): Deposit and trade GAS-BTC, GAS-ETH, and GAS-USDT trading pairs. Withdraw will be enabled on April 20 00:00 UTC+0

April 12, 00:00 UTC+0

Updated as of April 11
  • Shping (SHPING): Deposit, withdraw, and trade SHPING-BTC, and SHPING-ETH trading pairs.

April 16, 00:00 UTC+0

Updated as of March 30
  • SyncFab (MFG): Deposit, withdraw, and trade MFG-BTC, and MFG-ETH trading pairs.

Even higher withdrawal limits

Introducing COBINHOOD Corporate Accounts!

COBINHOOD Corporate Accounts

What is a corporate account on COBINHOOD?

Corporate accounts are for users who would like to trade BTC, ETH, or other currencies on behalf of a company or organization rather than an individual.

What are the privileges of having a corporate account?

  1. The daily withdrawal limits will be raised to more than 100 BTC and can be arranged depending on a corporate account’s needs. There is no deposit limit.
  2. A corporate account will have their own dedicated account manager designated to them.

How can I apply for a corporate account in COBINHOOD?

If you don’t have a COBINHOOD account, please create an account first.

If you already have a COBINHOOD account, please fill in the form, https://goo.gl/forms/EHpn5LH2Yq1fffWI2, and provide the necessary information. After you have submitted the form, please contact corporate-service@cobinhood.com.

You can also contact support@cobinhood.com to find out more information about COBINHOOD Corporate Accounts.

We are grateful that you allow us to keep finding ways to provide better crypto-financial services across the industry. Feel free to give feedback to the team directly by joining our official Telegram channel.