COBINHOOD lists LSK and XTZ, & DEXON’s Testnet launch

Nov 16, 2018 · 5 min read

Plus, our support for BCH Hard Fork

We’re halfway through November and so far it’s been an eventful month for COBINHOOD! We have several announcements we want you to know about to keep you in the loop. Check out the following news and spread the word! 🙌

New token listing

We are excited to announce that we will be adding two new tokens on COBINHOOD Exchange on the 16th of November:



Upon listing deposit, withdraw, and trade will be available for LSK and XTZ. Now get trading! 🤑

What is LISK and what are its features?

LISK provides a sidechain platform for developers to easily build and customize decentralized applications. Another added feature of LISK is their use of a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) as their consensus algorithm. Basically, delegators generate blocks that are then voted on by stakeholders (LSK token holders). The number of delegates is fixed at 101 but each stakeholder can vote for more than 101 delegates. The weight of the vote depends on the amount of LSK the stakeholder possesses.

Read more on Lisk on our Market Info page.

What is TEZOS and what are its features?

TEZOS is a similar platform to Ethereum and provides the ideas of self-amendment and on-chain governance. Stakeholders (XTZ token holders) govern the protocol by being able to vote on amendments. Basically, stakeholders can approve or veto changes in the code or protocol. It’s worth mentioning that Tezos allows for self-amending procedures in order to upgrade to the system. Another feature of Tezos is their Liquid Proof of Stake as their consensus algorithm, minimizing the dilution of small token holders.

Read more on TEZOS on our Market Info page.

BCH Hard Fork supported by COBINHOOD

We previously announced COBINHOOD’s support for the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork, taking place on November 15, 2018. The BCH hard fork will result in two different BCH coins: ABC (BCHABC) and SV (BCHSV).

Please take note that due to this recent development, deposit, withdrawal and trading functions of BCH will be suspended for the day on November 15. All trading, deposit and withdrawal functions will be once again available on COBINHOOD exchange starting November 16th 12:00 (UTC+0).

Redeem Your CMT Points

As we previously announced, our long-time partner CyberMiles (CMT) has officially launched their mainnet. We have staked CMT to become a validator, and will benefit CMT supporters on COBINHOOD.

If you currently hold CMT tokens in COBINHOOD Exchange, you are accumulating CMT points. CMT Points are a benefit of holding CMT Tokens. It is a reward system for users that hold CMT on the exchange. The more points you have, the more CMT rewards you will receive!

CMT Rewards are exchanged automatically at UTC+8 00:00 on the last day of each month.

Visit CMT’s supernode page to check out how many CMT points you have.

If you have any questions related to CMT’s supernode please refer to our FAQ section or contact support at

DEXON’s Testnet officially launched!

As most of you know, COBINHOOD is the exclusive ICO services partner of the DEXON Foundation and we are proud to announce the launch of their Testnet!

After a hardworking year, this past 12th of November, DEXON has officially launched their testnet. Such release aims to reach tech-savvy users and a wider developer base, giving them a chance to interact with DEXON’s features before its full mainnet launch.

DEXON’s testnet will allow users to develop their own Ethereum-compatible DApps. This testnet will also demonstrate some of DEXON’s fundamental features and system architectures in order to test the functionalities of the network.

Quick overview of DEXON’s Key Features

  1. DEXON Developer Portal

The developer portal is where you can find the faucet (free test tokens), tech resources, DEXON communities, and DEXON demo DApps.

  1. DEXON Explorer — DEXSCAN

DEXSCAN is a user-friendly blocklattice explorer combined with web wallet for the DEXON blocklattice. A blocklattice explorer is a search engine that allows users to search, confirm, and validate transactions.

  1. DEXON Wallet — DekuSan

The DEXON wallet, or DekuSan, is a web wallet that allows users to view transactions, run DEXON DApps, and send tokens on the DEXON blocklattice.

To learn more about DEXON’s testnet and latest updates check out their Medium.

Let’s talk about DEXON
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