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Cocktailswap 2.0 is Coming

Dear Cocktailswap community,

Thank you for the support along the way. With the joint efforts of the team and the community, Cocktailswap 2.0 will be launched soon. In order to build a real decentralized financial protocol on Tron network, Cocktailswap is merging with Aegis. For details of the merger, please check here:

After the merger, Cocktailswap 2.0 will be officially launched. In addition to the original yield farming, Cocktailswap 2.0 will also add new products of DeFi and DEX to build a more complete ecosystem.

Product Development Progress

·Transformation of COCK to AGS

After the merger, TRC-20 AGS would be the token fueling Cocktailswap 2.0, replacing COCK . It is the mapping of Aegis native token AGS on Tron. TRC-20 AGS will be used as the main token for the staking and mining program on Cocktailswap 2.0. Therefore, please convert your remaining COCK token to AGS as soon as possible. The instruction is as follows:

·Yield Farming System 2.0 Testing

After the upgrade of Cocktailswap 2.0, the new Yield Farming with TRC-20 AGSwill be launched soon. At present, the product has entered the testing stage, and will be opened for internal testing in the near future.

·Code-auditing Kick-off

Cocktailswap exerts extremely rigorous precaution on the security of the codes. Later on, we will open a limited number of users for Alpha testing on the TRON framework. After the completion of Internal Testing, third-party auditors will step in for code auditing.



Cocktailswap 2.0 will implement DeFi products, including lending & borrowing pool, and DEX on each stage according to the roadmap. Meanwhile, we will also engage a third party auditor to conduct the security check. Our professional and technical personnel always stand by for 24-hour operation and maintenance of the server.


A key edge of the Tron ecosystem is that transactions are feeless.As the first DeFi project on Tron, we have a very relaxed network environment compared with Ethereum. Therefore, users can trade and operate on a very low gas fee.


On the Tron, 2000 transactions a second. This makes the Tron network less congested. Therefore, Cocktailswap is more sustainable and stable than the DeFi project on Ethereum


Compared with other defi, Cocktailswap 2.0 has an easy-to-use page and user friendly mode, integrating with diversified products and functions.Users can complete all kinds of transactions in the shortest time and the least effort on operating.

About Cocktailswap

As a diversified integrated platform built on Tron, Cocktailswap is committed to integrating DeFi, DEX and liquidity mining to realize the free exchange of assets. Beyond yield farming, Cocktailswap team is devoted to joining a decentralized future.


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