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Cocktailswap Officially Merged with Aegis DeFi

Dear Cocktailswap community,

Thank you all for following Cocktailswap along the road. We are moving on to the decentralized future.

We are thrilled to announce that the Cocktailswap has officially joined the Aegis DeFi ecosystem.

In order to build a real decentralized financial protocol on Tron network, Cocktailswap is merging with Aegis, fully leveraging both strengths as Aegis has already launched its 1.0 lending protocol on Ethereum and is developing its own unsecured borrowing features and other designated financial DeFi products.

After the merger, TRC-20 AGS would be the token fueling Cocktailswap 2.0, replacing COCK . It is the mapping of Aegis native token AGS on Tron. TRC-20 AGS will be used as the main token for the staking and mining program on Cocktailswap 2.0. Therefore, please convert your remaining COCK token to AGS as soon as possible. The instruction is as follows:

After the merger, Cocktailswap 2.0 will be officially launched. In addition to the original yield farming, Cocktailswap 2.0 will also add new products of DeFi and DEX to build a more complete ecosystem. And the founding team of Cocktailswap and Aegis will co-manage the community.

About Aegis

As a DeFi 2.0 protocol, Aegis features more diversified lending services besides over-collateralized lending, such as micro-lending and Unsecured Borrowing. Aegis uses a proprietary AI-powered credit scoring algorithm to assess users’ creditworthiness based on the data provided, and assign an “Aegis Score” to each user, which is similar to traditional risk profile assessments. The Aegis Score determines the maximum credit that a user is allowed to draw down from the liquidity pool, making DeFi services accessible for basically all users. Besides, Aegis also empowers the tokenization of assets and derivatives such as CDS etc. At present, aegis’s lending products have been successfully launched. For more info on Aegis, please check out here:

About Cocktailswap

As a diversified integrated platform built on Tron, Cocktailswap is committed to integrating DeFi, DEX and liquidity mining to realize the free exchange of assets. Beyond yield farming, Cocktailswap team is devoted to joining a decentralized future.


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