The Monthly Artisan Chocolate Club Is Back

My name is Joe, the owner of Cocoa Couriers. Though many of you may simply know me as the person who once invited you to a chocolate tasting party, or the person that gave you chocolate as a gift on your birthday, wedding, or housewarming.

That chocolate tasting party happened last year in December. It was then that this whole monthly artisan chocolate club really got started. It was then when it became clearer how many people appreciated a better alternative to the guilty impulse purchase of sickly sweet store-bought candy bars.

So why chocolate? Easily the most common question I get, to which I respond, “This Isn’t just chocolate, this is the most enjoyable natural treat you can eat; the flavor notes in artisan chocolate will change the way you feel about dark chocolate”. The amount of people who have told me they don’t like dark chocolate is astonishing, but once they sample our artisan bars they can’t believe this is what chocolate is really supposed to taste like. The compliment that makes me proudest, which I’ve been fortunate to receive from so many of our customers and friends, is: “You’ve ruined me, I can’t eat commercial chocolate anymore, the flavor is completely absent”.

In the 6 months that followed the tasting, many adventurous chocolate lovers joined the Cocoa Couriers club and were delighted by bean to bar chocolate that was ethically grown, was free of harmful chemicals, and best of all tasted great.

Then the summer came around, and as you could probably guess, chocolate and heat do not mix. The Cocoa Couriers club had to hit the pause button.

The good new though was that even more time could be spent on the search for the finest chocolate makers in the world. After exploring all the beautiful chocolate bars and their packaging it was difficult to not feel inspired. Our club members deserved better, and the upgrades had to happen before shipping resumed in the cooler months.

Today is the day that I’m excited to finally reveal to you the new and improved Cocoa Couriers club. Our redesigned site and improved subscription options would not be possible without Val (my Co-Founder and brilliant engineer), Michelle (an incredibly creative and talented designer), Danielle (an experienced marketer), and of course all of our early supporters (you know who you are!). Thank you.

Starting today, new members are welcome to join the Cocoa Couriers club and indulge in the best-tasting organic and fair trade chocolate. Your first box will be shipped straight to your door on October 17th with new selections every month. We hope you enjoy the thrill of uncovering chocolate makers from around the world, and can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Please take a peek at, and share it with the chocolate lovers in your life.