5 iOS conferences i'd like to go in 2017 ..

Last year I went with a group of friends and coworkers to two amazing iOS conferences held in San francisco, wwdc and altconf. Unfortunately i was not selected for wwdc, so i was only able to watch altconf talks. Fortunately apple provides all the videos of the conference later on. During this special week San Francisco welcomes lots of developers from all around the world. It is without a doubt one of the best times of the year to be there, at least for those who dig the tech scene.

Going to a tech conference is such an amazing thing, it is a huge opportunity to meet new people, get in touch with new ideas, learn, share and expand your comfort zone.

A couple days ago i’ve came across a post about 10 iOS conferences in 2017 at Ray Wenderlich amazing blog. So I thought of writing a post here about 5 conferences that i'd like to go in 2017.


Try! Swift

try! Swift is a fairly new series of conferences, started by Natasha the Robot just last year.

The first edition was in Japan, a country with a big community but with very few international events. Thanks to the help of the community, the first event was so successful that next year there will be three conferences: in Tokyo, New York and Bangalore.

The Swift Alps

They wrote a post on their medium profile, The Swift Alps.

This event is about community. Period. The major goal is to experiment with the Swift programming language with all the other attendees, trying to learn, while failing, as much as possible.
Ash Furrow wrote two amazing pieces about Normalizing Struggle and later about Empathetic Civilization, which are two great readings for somebody interested in joining us for this event. Both these articles are summarizing what The Swift Alps wants to tackle and what is going to be as event.


AltConf is really a great conference, i had such a great time last year there and for sure i'd like to attend to it many more times.

AltConf demonstrates the best of our community. Good people volunteer their time and skills to provide an inclusive, accessible event to everyone who wishes to take part in the frenzy that is WWDC week, but can’t get or afford a ticket to Apple’s event. One can only hope that Apple appreciates how much more enthusiasm and goodwill spreads throughout San Francisco every June because of AltConf’s continued presence. — Joe Cieplinski


There is no such a thing as an iOS conference list without wwdc. It is the biggest and the most important conference of the year, the only one with the power of completely change the game of iOS. Don't believe me ? How about 2014 when they introduced swift and turn the comunity upside down. For the better, for the better .. =)


dotSwift is one of the biggest conferences about swift in europe, it will be held late this month in Paris. It is a opportunity to watch some great talks about swift and ios development while enjoying the city of light. How about that? Swift me in!!

Unable to go ? No problem ..

Although it is great to attend this events, is not always easy to do it. Cost, schedule, work, etc .. To name a few can and will sometimes keep our backpacks empty .. =(

If that is the case for you, don't worry. Many of theses videos are available online after the conferences. Sites like realm.io, wwdc videos, etc … usually provide this material with amazing quality. Type them in your browser and stream on !!

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