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Meet The Brave House, a Non-Profit Helping Young Immigrant Women in New York City

Pictured: The Brave House community members and founder, Lauren Blodgett (bottom right), at one of their photography workshops.
  • Donate directly here.
  • Follow them on Instagram to stay up to date with their work and events!
  • Sign up for their volunteer list.
  • Donate dinner or snacks for their events and workshops.
  • Host your own fundraiser to collect donations and raise awareness.
  • Host a Books and Blazers drive — Collect women’s professional wear for community members to use for court appearances and/or interviews. Or, collect books to donate to a community library (books written by or highlighting female voices preferred!)
Pictured: Local brass brand Flowmingos (aka the passion project of one of our Nooklyn agents, Manuel Canchola) alongside Lauren Blodgett.



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