5 ridiculously cool Dutch startups

Amsterdam Hot Hub for Startups

Most people think of Amsterdam as a party city, a place for celebrations, night clubbing and so. However Amsterdam and The Netherlands in general are so much more than lame clichés.

When I moved to Amsterdam, I was really impressed by the vivid spirit that takes over the city. Amsterdam is a creative, an inventive and an innovative place where everything seems possible. Every single day something new is happening. Amsterdam is actually one of the coolest city where to live if you are a startup lover, willing to work in a friendly and challenging environment. Today I picked 5 Dutch startups where I am sure you’d love to work.


Founded in 2013 and backed by Axel Springer and New-York Times, Blendle is one of the most innovative Dutch startups. By providing a service that offers the possibility to buy articles to read and not to subscribe to a long term and expensive media membership, Blendle brought the change media seriously needed to adjust to the modern and digital needs. Currently available in Germany and The Netherlands, Blendle sees big and it is very likely that they will in a near future extend their services to other countries.


Revue simplifies marketing email by providing an easy to use service that enables you to create beautifully looking newsletters in no time and without requiring any techie know how. I bet that even your mother could send a hell of a newsletter in to time thanks to Revue. A great tool to generate beautiful email marketing campaigns with minimum efforts. On top of it Get Revue just launched a new feature that allows you to easily share your newsletters.

Live on Demand

Have you ever dreamed of being able to throw your own event and to get vibrant conferences from whom you consider as one of the most inspirational speaker ever. Well well… Live on Demand makes it possible by allowing you to create your own events and to raise funds to make it happen.


Printr makes 3D printing accessible and easy for everybody by smoothing technical processes. Printr brings on the table a very easy to use software, in other words a consumer friendly software, that enables almost everyone to enjoy 3D printing technology without the need of being a tech savvy.

The Next Ad

The name tells a lot, The Next Ad provides an innovative vision on digital advertising via the use of social media as one of the main tool to generate more exposure and therefore to boost e-commerce platform.

The Netherlands surely is a great spot to explore new professional perspectives and to give a refreshing new beat to your career. Interested in working in one of these cool startups made in Holland or any other awesome Dutch startup? You should definitely consider to create a profile at Cocoon as we happen to work with the hottest startups in town! Stop questioning and pick a job you’ll love!

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