Cocoon joins Minescape

One month ago we announced Cocoon would be shutting down as of November 1st. In the weeks after this sad announcement, we got many heartwarming messages from our users, clients and other people. We tried to thank all of you personally, as these messages meant the world to us.

Among those messages were also some companies that were interested in what we had accomplished. Among those parties was one company in particular that we had a good connection with from day one. Not only are they operating in the same niche in recruitment, but we also have a common vision on the future of hiring in tech. As they were also very determined to not let Cocoon turn into dust, we decided to team up with them.

So, just one month after our ‘shut down’ message, we are proudly announcing today that Cocoon has been acquired by Minescape.

The only thing that will change for our users and clients is that Cocoon will be operating under a brand new name, CareerMatch! We will inform all users and clients by e-mail on the what will happen next in more detail.

One last time, thanks for all your support! We are very confident that CareerMatch will be servicing our users and clients at least as good as we were doing.

Cheers, Vincent and Martijn (Cocoon Founders)