Are you happy? Are we happy? (…)

Emanuele Rapisarda
Nov 22 · 2 min read

This article was first published in Cocooners N° 10.

Are you happy?

Are we happy?

Why do we wake every morning and spend so much time working, cleaning, driving? Scrolling through social media? Reading books and building cities?

Are we happier than ten years ago?

Are we happier than our parents?

Are we happier than a shoemaker from the mighty Roman Empire?

Are we happier even, than a hunter gatherer of fifty-thousand years ago?

I think we’ll never know.

The concept of happiness is too complex to be compared. It’s immeasurable. Happiness changes for each person, and those changes happen to the same person at different moments of her life.

Still, I believe the question is more important than the answer. And even though I can’t say if I’m happier now than I was ten years ago, I find it extremely relevant to ask if I’ll be happier ten years from now. If we will be happier ten years from now. In 2031 we could ask the same question and still not find any answer, but the fact that in 2021 we asked this makes a difference.

Will you and I be happier ten years from now?

What are you doing to contribute to it?

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