Since COVID jumped into our lives…

Claudia Pellicori
Jan 13 · 2 min read

What’s up by Claudia Pellicori for COCOONERS N°9

This article was first published in Cocooners N°9

Since COVID jumped into our lives, we have moved everything digital. Jobs, events, family and friends reunions. And even if we are sick of this digital isolation, we recognise that this approach was so important given the moment we were (are) living. I totally agree, but what I discovered is it wasn’t “Zoom” that saved my mental health, it was keeping people close despite the physical distance.

In early March everybody experienced stress and anxiety, but every single person reacted in a different way. Denial, cooking and eating, enjoying the time with close family members. I reacted by doing doing doing! I moved all the workshops I had in my agenda to remote, also those I said were impossible to transform into the digital version, and it worked. This allowed me to continue doing what I love and what is also valuable for others. This approach moved my energies from COVID worries to blossoming creation.

Listening to stories and points of view, feeling gratitude, being part of something bigger, experimenting habits, discovering new potential boosts, realigning identity and daily choices, helped me not to take refuge in myself.

What I learned and I think it’s always true is that the human factor is fundamental to keeping our heart and mind awake, to keeping us on what is really important. Whatever happens, we must not isolate ourselves, indeed it is precisely in the darkest moments that we need to remain united.

Thinking about work, knowing that we are strictly connected to others and that in some way what we do always has an impact, makes a big difference. If we lose this awareness, we lose perspective, the link with Nature and the inner essence, the deeper meaning and value. Just as a seed knows perfectly how to grow and flower, humans have a similar capacity, but they will lose it if they lose contact and exchange with their ecosystem.

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