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Nov 16, 2018 · 2 min read

The Ohana Meetup is an ecosystem enabler. It is our contribution to the whole tribe of professionals, game-changers, change agents, passionate people evolving the world (of work).
Here is a brief story about it.

A few months have passed since we wrote our first story on Mozaic.

On March 24th 2018, surrounded by an incredible amount of energy, we felt the need to expose what happened during the first Ohana Meetup.

Individuals from all around the world gathered in Rome curious and open to know what happens if the ohana meets up. Each participant approached the gathering with a strong desire to contribute to a profound change in today’s world of work.

Driven by passion and responsibility and moved by self-organization, all contributors shared ideas, experiences, knowledge, projects and values.

It was a revolution. A big bang. An energy condensed in time and space exploding in new and unpredictable potentialities for the future.

All that is the past and the future is now. While galaxies of emergent opportunities from the first Ohana Meetup are being shaped, the next one is approaching with new possibilities.

Cocoon Projects is currently organizing the second edition and dozens of individuals from all over the world are already booking their agenda to be there.

For it to be a blast we need the tribe to pass on the word to the four corners of the world. Any mindful professional actively evolving the way work is conceived and practiced needs to know we’re getting together. Again.

So, let’s start draining this creative energy and be prepared for the next big bang: the Ohana Meetup 2019!

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Evolution at work

Cocoon Projects

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Evolution at work

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