This year Cocoon Pro turns ten…

What’s up by Guido Martini for COCOONERS N° 10.

Guido Martini
Nov 17 · 1 min read

This article was first published in Cocooners N° 10

This year Cocoon Pro turns ten. So, I got this occasion as an opportunity to look back, breathe and think what it means for me to be part of this journey.

Doing that, I’ve been overwhelmed with memories, and these memories were connected with words, that resonate in my mind as my personal keywords, the values that have marked my experience on this path.

People — Growth — Purpose — Care — Needs — Impact — Mastery — Passion — Responsibility — Evolution.

This may look as a mere list of ten words (each one of them would of course deserve much space to be properly described), but it’s not like that. Each one has a wider value, they are all connected and are at the same time the “reasons why” and the “goals” of my being part of Cocoon Pro.

They are both what I feel as North Stars for Cocoon activities and what I personally seek in giving my contribution to my colleagues and to the organizations we work with.