Welcoming C4: Entertainment in service of a better future

Cocoon Pro staff
Jan 12 · 2 min read
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This article was first published in our Cocooners N°9

The inextricable nature of the multiple crises humanity is facing is confronting all of us with the realization that a radical shift in perspective is urgently needed, in all domains of human life simultaneously. When the challenge is so daunting, where should we start? At Cocoon Pro, we have been doing our best to hold this question during the last several months, looking for actions that could support a major adaptation in world-views, work dynamics and culture, and help to start raising the new.

This is how, in June 2020, Care4 — aka C4 — was born. C4 is a platform where you can access world-class content live, experience moments of different worldviews, and interact with people who care about where the world is going. The form could be webinars, courses, events or workshops, but the underlying thread is common: the intention is to stream perspectives with deeper roots into the livelihood of being.

C4 pursues this mission, merging the concept of personal and collective growth with that of entertainment and the whole experience is crafted around the metaphor of the best TV series platforms. Far from being perceived as “work to be done”, the participation in C4 is meant to offer the same flavor as the time spent in the most entertaining activities. This is so because we believe that in order to gain a place in people’s preferences, and nourish their hearts and minds, the making of a better future should be energizing and enriching, a pleasure to be part of.

The enthusiastic response we received during the first eight weeks launch encouraged us to continue in this direction and invest a lot of energy into making it blossom. At the time of writing, C4’s first full season is live, hosting 23 series in 3 languages. Content spans from the design of distributed workshops to serious games over creative leadership, social justice, identity and warm data, just to mention some of the many transcontextual lenses available so far, for carefully evolving our worldview together.

In fact, C4 was born to come together, coalescing to bring the seeds of a better world into the mainstream. All the producers donate at least 50% of their effort to grant everybody the possibility to experience a wide diversity of series, by keeping very low prices. And all of C4 works under a world-improving purpose, not a profit generating one. If you care and have content to share, this place is also for you, please reach out!

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