What a decade! …

Iñaki Pérez
Nov 24 · 1 min read

What’s up by Iñaki Pérez for COCOONERS Nº 10

This article was first published in COCOONERS Nº 10

What a decade! Probably the craziest I’ll ever live through. In this time, we have experimented, learned, improved, failed, and evolved, making sense, delving into collective knowledge, immersing ourselves in a new epistemology.

I joined this amazing adventure in 2018 and it has been a continuous masterclass on human and natural systems, on organizational development…basically, on having a new look at the reality in the organizations I’ve worked with all my life. For sure I am another kind of professional and person, totally different from who I used to be.

Wile we can’t predict the future, we know we need to reassess our understanding of reality, surfing the flow, navigating the complexity, facing the moment as it is, being aware of what is submerged, ushering in the emerging future, always learning more, humans and nature as one in a transcontextual world. Also, we know to be even more confident with all so as to share wisdom. Lastly, we now have the mastery of the past decade, putting us in a far better place. Let’s face the adventure of the next decade of our humanity together.

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