Building the iPhone App

TPI is a relatively new speaker brand that are making some serious waves. Their focus is on high-end systems for the studio and PA — and without spouting total rhetoric — are the best speakers I have ever heard.

The TPI app was initially meant to be a simple window into a database system. This database would hold serial numbers and information of products created and show that information to the user should they scan a QR code located on the back of their unit. As with many projects it quickly became clear that there was more to the app.

While the product information section of the app would be vital it wouldn’t be the primary focus of the app; that would be the sound tools and that’s where the real fun in building TPI’s iPhone app lie. Originally there were to be three tools: an SPL meter, frequency spectrum RTA, and wavelength table but we later decided to also add a distance calculator and sound generator into the mix.

Rather than write a lengthly article I’d like to break it down into more manageable chunks (and I might even try to rope Paul McKay into writing one about the design process). These will be released over the coming weeks and will look not only at the concepts but also dig a little deeper, discussing issues we didn’t foresee, solutions, and real-world code.

In the meantime, if you’d like to give the TPI app a go it’s available to download from the App Store. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments or you can find me on Twitter @steve228uk and Paul is @mckay_1988.