Cocos-BCX at the 4th Industrial Revolution Hackathon — Building Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem

Jul 23, 2019 · 3 min read

On July 19, Cocos-BCX was specially invited as Technical Partner of the 4th Industrial Revolution Hackathon held by Dorahacks and co-organizer of Binance Arena. Hundreds of hackers were coding tirelessly in 36 hours to develop interesting blockchain games based on Cocos-BCX.

As the biggest front-tier Hackathon in China this year, the 4th Industrial Revolution held by DoraHacks designs various arenas for hackers, which include 5G, IoT, AI, and Blockchain, etc. Cocos-BCX, as co-organizer of Binance Arena, set the Hackathon Challenge of developing interesting blockchain games based on Cocos-BCX, which attracted hundreds of hackers.

In Cocos-BCX Workshop, Reed Hong, Technical Lead of Cocos-BCX, introduced Cocos-BCX and Hackathon Challenges to hackers.

Challenge 1: DApps Development based on Cocos-BCX

Cocos-BCX aims to create an integrated multi-platform runtime environment for games, providing developers with the convenience and completeness in game development. Cocos-BCX just launched Testnet 1.0 “Gang Rinpoche” with the update of Technical Documentation 2.0, Ecosystem Incentive Plan, SDK, Wallets, Browser, DEMO games, etc. Hackers can make the most use of those tools to create various interesting blockchain games.

Challenge 2: Application Development based on Cocos-BCX NHAS-1808 Asset Standard

NHAS-1808 standard powered by Cocos-BCX is a non-homogeneous token standard. It proposes a set of unified and extendable digital asset standards and specifications, providing new asset-based business models, and a unique worldview-backed economic system for digital assets. Hackers can develop games or application tools based on the characteristics of the asset. Hackers may refer to but not limited to the following scenes:

Blockchain game;

Market place;

Other innovative applications based on NHAS-1808 Standard.

During the opening ceremony, Cocos-BCX team briefed the audience with the project progress and goals. Through participating in DoraHack 2019, Cocos-BCX aimed at raising developers’ attention to project updates and attracting more developers to join the contribution of Cocos-BCX ecosystem.

CHEN Haozhi, Founder of Cocos-BCX, delivered a speech under the theme of Assetize Digital Content on Blockchain, covering hot topics from blockchain decentralization, NFT props, to tokens transaction.

Garbage Sorting Game Developed by”YanFei” Won the Championship

After 36-hour tireless coding, garbage sorting game developed by YanFei on Cocos-BCX finally won the championship of Cocos-BCX Challenge. This game combines blockchain technology with the current hot issue garbage sorting in China, integrating innovation, practice and fun, which is the main reason for them to be the winner.

The 4th Industrial Revolution successfully closed, conveying the innovative minds and adventurous spirits of developers. Hope more talented developers join Cocos-BCX community and build Cocos-BCX ecosystem together.



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