Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Angels Ranking Criteria

the Cocos-BCX Team
Jul 29 · 3 min read

With the release of Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Angels list from the first round and second round, Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Incentive Plan has been progressing smoothly and orderly. The Ranking Criteria for the evaluation of Buidlers & Angels contribution is now unveiled. Ranking will be made in each category by horizontal comparisons as following criteria.

Cocos-BCX Buidlers

a. Tools

As the infrastructure for Cocos-BCX TestNet, Cocos-BCX Buidlers providing tools for Cocos-BCX TestNet will be ranked in the following four aspects with a full score of 40, according to the contributions they made. 10 of the 40 points will be added or subtracted according to the feedback of testnet users in the range of 1~10 points.

  • Development cost (1~10 points)

◇ Development difficulty

◇ Workload

  • Completeness (1~10 points)

◇ In core functions

◇ In additional functions

  • User friendliness (1~10 points)

◇ Workability of the Tool

◇ Ease of Use

  • User feedback (1~10 points)

◇ Positive (+)

◇ Negative (-)

b. Dgames

As the core of Cocos-BCX TestNet, Cocos-BCX Buidlers providing Dgames will be ranked according to traditional game evaluation mechanism and the integration of the game with the Cocos-BCX TestNet, which can be divided into following three aspects with a full score of 30, 10 for each.

  • Game quality (1~10 points)

◇ Gameplay

◇ Visual art, audio, animation, special effects, etc.

◇ Bugs and smoothness of the game

  • Cooperation level (1~10 points)

◇ To what extend it is integrated with Cocos-BCX platform

◇ Level of cooperation in operations and PR

◇ Update and maintenance after integrated with Cocos-BCX

  • Depth of the game (1~10 points)

◇ User base and user life circle of the game

◇ Development cost

Cocos-BCX Angels

a. Community Operation

As the blood of the Cocos-BCX test network, Cocos-Angels focusing on community operation is crucial to the ecosystem of Cocos-BCX. They will be ranked in the following four aspects in the evaluation of their contributions with a full score of 50.

  • Community quality (1~10 points)

◇ KOL influence

◇ Existing community size

◇ Number of Cocos-BCX groups and total number of users

◇ User quality

  • Community activeness (1~10 points)

◇ Monthly/daily active users

◇ User engagement in the group

  • Community online and offline events (1~10 points)

◇ Number of participants

◇ Coverage/converted new users

  • Bonus items (1~20 points)

◇ Increase in number of Cocos-BCX groups and the total number of users

◇ Content distributions

◇ Content quality

◇ Number of cooperation concluded

b. Content

As a voice for Cocos-BCX in the TestNet phase, Cocos-Angels providing contents relating to Cocos-BCX will affect the reputation of the project. Therefore, they will be scored based on the quality and distribution data with a full score of 30, in which a range of 1~10 points will be subtracted according to whether there is any click farming.

  • Content creation (1~10 points)

◇ Quality

◇ In how many languages

◇ Original or not

  • Content distribution (1~10 points)

◇ Number of multi-language platforms

◇ Number of platforms the content displayed on

◇ Number of reads

◇ Number of likes

◇ Number of reposts

◇ Number of comments

  • Buisness leads (1~10 points)

◇ Number of closed business leads

  • Negative item (1~10 points)

◇ Is there any click farming

If you have any questions regarding the Ranking Criteria, you can reach out to Cocos-BCX team in discord.

  • Cocos-BCX reserves all the right for the final interpretation.


the Cocos-BCX Team

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