Cocos-BCX Has Completed Migration From The MainNet and Suspended Related Services at 2 SGT on June 30th

Cocos-BCX has completed migration from MainNet and suspended related services at 2 PM SGT, June 30th. Cocos-BCX team will further the development on the Ethereum chain and Binance Smart Chain continuing to launch NFT and Layer2 products.

Cocos-BCX, as a Next-Gen Digital Game Economy, launched events during the Chinese Spring Festival of 2021. To adapt to the current industry development, Cocos-BCX decides to embrace the most prosperous and advanced blockchain game ecosystem- Ethereum. The team will develop on Binance Smart Chain ecology first to promote blockchain games.

Cocos-BCX has completed migration form the MainNet at 14:00 SGT, July 30th. After that, Cocos- BCX will invest more in the development of NFT and Layer2 products. Cocos-BCX will continue development and launch more products for those who support and love Cocos-BCX.

COCOS new contract address:

The new COCOS ERC-20 contract address:


The COCOS BEP-20(BSC) contract address:


If you failed to transfer your assets from the MainNet in time, please submit the form:

We will deal with that in two batches on July 15th and July 30th respectively.

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