Cocos-BCX Hero NFT auction with the highest bid of 106.7BNB,Team Mining will start on April 28

On April 23rd at 20:00 (UTC+8), the Next-Gen Digital Game Economy Cocos-BCX launched the Heroes NFT auction, and conducted two auctions for a total of 8 NFT heroes on Treasureland on April 23rd at 20:00 (UTC+8) and April 24th at 20:00 (UTC+8) respectively. The auction lasted for 24 hours, and the heroes NFT auction officially ended on April 25 at 20:00 (UTC+8) , with the highest final bid of 106.7BNB.

On April 28, Cocos-BCX will go live with Team Mining, and the dividend pool for team mining will start on April 30th. So the 8 users who got the Hero NFT through the auction must create a Team before the pool opend. If not, the first period of dividend will be missed (cycles monthly).

Users can participate in weapon NFT casting, NFT stake and COCOS stake in order to join the team to participate in mining dividends.

Dividend rules of the COCOS NFT mining:

  • All teams will have a monthly dividend of 120,000 COCOS to share;
  • Users who hold COCOS NFT and COCOS can stake NFT and COCOS to participate in this rewarding.
  • Dividends Rewarding Efficiency is calculated based on the user’s staked power, the higher the power is, the higher the proportion of dividends is.

1 COCOS = 1 Power

NFT Power = COCOS Par Value * Mining Efficiency

  • the higher the counting power of the whole team, the higher the gain of that team.
  • If the staking duration is less than one week (168 hours), 10% of the claimed income will be deducted into the dividend pool.
  • The captain of each team enjoys 20% of the team’s total dividend (only users who hold the hero NFT can build a team). NFT heroes are: Evil hero, Element Hero, Chaos Hero, Dark Hero, Mask Hero, Fate hero, Ashing Hero, Icy Hero.
  • Hero NFTs can be used to create dividend pools (teams) only. They can’t be used for mining.
  • When the captain leaves the team (withdrawing the Hero NFT who created the team), the captain’s hero NFT will no longer generate dividend.
  • After the captain quits the team, the team won’t be eligible for the next round of dividends. and the members of the team can change team.
  • There is no limit to the number of members in each team.

As there are only 8 Heroes NFT in total, each team can only and be limited to 1 Hero NFT, one BSC address can form up only one team, so only 8 BSC addresses can be Team Captains’, other addresses could join the team by Minting Weapons NFT. So please follow rules below for taking participation in Minting and Staking Weapons NFT, join your team and win your COCOS.

NFT Minting and Mining Rules:

  • Minting(also called casting) of NFT needs to consume 1 COCOS on BSC chain and pledge a certain amount of COCOS as the nominal value of NFT.
  • Since the Minting(also called casting) of NFT, the pledged COCOS can be decomposed into the same quantity of COCOS after 30 days (at the end of the 30-day period, the NFT will still exist and the user can decide to keep it or decompose it to obtain the injected COCOS).
  • Minting grade will be selected randomly: LV1-LV6.
  • The specific types, grades and nominal values ​​of casting NFTs are as follows:
  • The more NFTs you are dealing the more fee it will cost. The BNB handling fee is generated during the NFT mining and Minting(also called casting) process .This fee is charged by the BSC and has nothing to do with Cocos-BCX.
  • The minted NFT nominal value will affect the computing power and ultimately affect the income generated by mining;
  • Minting COCOS NFT Tutorial:

If you have any concerns in COCOS NFT Auction/Stake/Team up/Dividend, please discuss and consult in groups below:

Bananatok: VPN required)





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